Top 5 Best Selling Drones in the Market

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Here are top 5 drones in the market.
DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Quadcopter for Gopro
Product description
It is a remote transmitter and complete quadcopter. It can be ready to fly within few minutes. All you need to do is to charge the included battery, attach the landing gear, 4 AA batteries
and propellers to the remote when flying.
Sold separately and tested with these amazing models; Hero2, Hero3 and Hero3+. When flying, it produces a cinema-quickly results in the air. It can be configured to fly and land anytime, anywhere. DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Quadcopter for Gopro has fail-safe function, advanced GPS positioning, indoor flight, and outdoor flight.
It enables you to capture almost any scene, event or sport. Some regard it as a radio-controlled aircraft. It is perfectly designed with Gopro cameras. Users can attest that it is simple, highly convenient and easy to use.
This product comes with an updated and / or current instruction manual. Users will get a complete value for their money by buying this product. Vastly superior and hard to beat for the price. Really, a good deal for a quadcopter that has GPS, easy to control and well-built.
Informative, and responsive. Go through online customer reviews before making the purchase. Buyers enjoy excellent post-customer support. The GPS attitude mode basically provides a set of brakes to the aircraft in the air- this can make it to stop and hover in the air for an unprecedented amount of time, instead of careening off into something like a tree or crash landing. Super excited beyond words about this amazing product.
Parrot AR drone Quadcopter
This product is controlled by ipad, iphone, ipod touch and other forms of android devices. It is another name that comes to mind when you are searching for a veritable drone in the market.
This French based company provides a wide range of drone specifications in terms of smart synchronization with smartphones, flying time, GPS range extender, HD camera offerings and many more. It provides lots of products as per different usage.
This drone is great. When you buy it, make sure you read the instructions manual, and follow the steps one at a time. While using it, you will fall in love with its performance. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will never crash while flying.
You shouldn’t remove the altitude limiter till you are ready. Its ultrasound altimeter does not function beyond 6 meters. Not designed to fly beyond treetop level. Most online reviewers have criticized it for not showing high-altitude flying in the promotional YouTube Videos.
Exclusively deigned to fly around 4feet to 8 feet above the ground and it will be wonderful at that level. It has an indoor protective hull on. If you are an expert in its operation, you can now take it to a wide-open field and then put the outdoor hull on. Amazingly, it will perform almost aerobatic moves like an RC airplane- it is awesome, fast and reliable.
If it gets crash, call parrot. If it is the first crash, they will most likely repair it at little or no charge. The shipping cost for an original carton is about $9.80, and approximately takes about 2 weeks.
This is an expensive radio-controlled quadcopter, so it is not a toy. It is a flying computer. Users are encouraged to read the manuals very well, you shouldn’t skip the learning process, crash or damage the drone and then come back to trash the device or blame parrot.
This is by all standards, one of the most sophisticated flying machines ever produced. It has an in-built computer, and stabilizes itself like a futuristic military aircraft. Users should meticulously follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and fly it as prescribed and not just try to copy what they see someone doing on YouTube. 
If fully recharged, you will enjoy at least 12 minutes flight time at 1.5h. The battery will be blinking red or green when the recharging is complete. The current price is about $299, but you will get the ultimate value of your money. Some users regard it as an expensive fragile toy.
This is an excellent brand that provides lots of products. Just like other products, Syma has improved on their quality in terms of their camera quality, distance capabilities, control support etc. It is a great quadcopter. Simple and easy to fly, and has flown in all kinds of wind conditions. The price is affordable. It has a USB charging cable.
While charging it, you have to be careful with it. Do not leave it alone. It comes with a landing gear, so there will be no need to install blade guards. It flies great, and it is twice the size of most brands.
 Being a newer model in the market, its camera works perfectly. Syma has a slide button on the front panel. You can turn on the video by sliding it down and take photo by sliding it up.
·         Fun to fly
·         More stable than most quad in the market
·         You can turn the camera remotely to record videos or take pictures
·         Easy to find with an amazing size
·         In-built camera videos and frame
·         Easy to swap
·         Acclaimed as one of the cheapest drones in the market
·         Truly the best quadcopter
·         5-7 minutes flight time
·         Copter blade will shutoff once the battery is low
Camera Drones
Obviously, it is an amazing work; it creates one of the fascinating photography magic and hi-tech camera quality out of the air. Camera drones carries fully stabilized crisp videos, video camera for smooth and photos. It enables the digital streaming of live video from the drones.
As you fly, you can share the video by using any of the app’s advanced features. You can also control the video and camera in real time. It has ultrasonic and integrated array of optical sensors which makes it extremely possible for you to fly indoors without the help of a GPS signal.
 Its features are tested and trusted and they include, but not limited to a powerful mobile app for your iOs, in-built safety database, instructional manual, advanced safety guidelines, remote controller, proper wrench, integrated high power flight battery, auto landings, auto takeoffs and other android devices.
Camera drones remains a well designed product. When you buy this product, you will be immediately impressed by its quality, durability, responsiveness, stability of the craft, massively long range, super easy setup, a sleek design and other features.
Some users have noted regrettably that customer support services is ineffective; sometimes when they contact them, they will waste some time before replying, especially if you are asking for a refund or exchange.
Make sure you have a good tablet or phone to use with it. It is too dim or small, so, it won’t be easy to see whatever you are shooting. With third party software, users can utilize following, orbiting, and other features. Amazingly, this makes it possible to par with other drones. You will get a good value for your money.
To complete your kit, be ready to add a nice backpack, blade guards (optional), travel case, batteries and a monitor hood. If you are living in a place where you have little or no access to power, then you will need to make proper planning based on your needs.
Extremely easy to fly. It can fly above 400 feet- this is really impressive. The phantom maintains its position and altitude. You will never regret buying this excellent technology. To many people, this is the best purchase they have made in recent times.
Yuneec Q500 4K
It is relatively a new product, especially when it is compared to 3D robotics, and DJI. Just like the name implies, Q500 4K shoot videos like solo and phantom.
People are happy with this product, because it has so many great features. For instance, it comes with a hand mount that enables you to take the gimbal and camera off the quadcopter and two batteries.
The current price is $1300. This is definitely a good price because of what you will get from it.  It is cheaper than the solo. Since, it is a new product, you won’t find much reviews about it. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it as an option. One of the most interesting facts about Q500 4K is that it has an android device built in it, so you don’t need to use your Smartphone or tablet.
Don’t forget that it is not small unit. Comparing it with phantom 3, always bear in mind that it flies quieter and smoother than the phantom. Having two batteries makes it a unique product and it is produced with more advanced features.