Pope Francis approves Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s canonization

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

The Holy See has approved the canonization of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The Roman pontiff approves this on Tuesday, March 15th 2016. She was a missionary nun, who through her and unflinching dint of hard work, apostolic and humanitarian spirit became the conscience of her time.

Millions of people especially the poor, wretched, unloved, homeless and
sick enjoyed her selfless deeds of mercy for decades- the impact was felt around the globe. She captivated and commanded a global attention as a saint of the gutters, destitute and rejected. Her missionaries and/ or followers are still propagating the activities of Mother Theresa across the world till date.

Her ministry not only made huge impacts, but also attracted the attention of religious communities, world figures, private and corporate organizations who admired her boundless love.

According to the Holy See, she will be canonized on September 4, 2016. With this notice, the noble laureate has become an iconic and ebullient apostle of the catholic faith. It is worthy to note that her loud global testimonies of her deeds of charity made the Vatican authorities to suppress traditional cum theological protocols of pronouncing her venerable figure shortly after her demise.

We catholic are deeply excited on this news, especially now it is coming 19 years after her glorious departure. Vatican officials say that the canonization of the Albanian nun would take place at the Vatican.

 Though some Indians would have loved the pope to celebrate the event in their country. Some say that a visit from Pope Francis will give them a ‘Francis effect’ and surely boost their faith more. For many years, Mother Theresa had been a saint in the eyes of millions of Indian faithful.

Canonisation is always a boost and good news for Catholics all over the world.

To God be the Glory!