How can I make my Man last longer in bed...8 Secrets

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Below are eight secrets to having a loving, enticing, tantalizing, and better sex. Nothing makes a relationship more insecure than when any of the party is not living up to their marital obligations. Sex experts have described so many ways one can last longer in bed.
Your partner needs to
pay attention to your sexual desires or pleasures just like you do. I am going to offer you some secrets that I give my clients- no Viagra required.
Being fast, quick, or too early is definitely an impressive thing in life, but in sex issues. It is unattractive to have a guy that doesn’t last long in bed. To most women, it is a sad experience, which have put most of them into temptations of cheating.
You need to do something drastic if you don’t reach orgasm after sex. Hardly, most women don’t reach climax after five minutes. You can help yourself out by making him to last longer, so that both of you can reach the finish line.
Expose him to foreplay
Some sex experts say that it is good for him to masturbate for sometime before meeting up.  Though, I don’t subscribe to masturbation, let him be in the mood for sex, talk to him to appreciate it, before you start kissing him sporadically at hot spots, neck, penis and massage him softly.
Let him romance you
If he is a novice, tell him to romance you. Definitely, he will love to see do so.  This will properly put him in the mood. While romancing you, you shouldn’t be like a log of wood. You should reciprocate the kind gestures- this will put both of you in the right page when you guys are having sex.
Take charge

If he is a novice, just show him the way. Some men are shy to express their poor sexual knowledge. They think it is shameful or embarrassing to talk about that. Suggesting watching some movies with him might do the magic; it will enable him to control the pace. These actions will suggest to him that you are in full support of his sexual activeness. 


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