8 Amazing Things That Will Happen To You When You Keep Writing

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

As a consummate writer, and someone who makes his living through the pen. I have come to the realization that embracing a creative writing habit could be a satisfying and also helps you to make tremendous influence in your career. When you write,
your horizon keeps widening and you will keep advancing to the next level.
Here are some of the amazing things that will surely happen to each and every one of us when we dedicate our lives to creative writing.
1.     You will look for more opportunities to write

When you keep writing, you will keep learning each day and you will have more opportunities to explore. If you skip a day without writing, you may feel some signs of emptiness in you- you may feel deprived. And you will see yourself making frantic efforts to see that such doesn’t happen again, at least in the nearest future.

I make money through writing. At the moment, I have ghost-wrote a lot of books numbering over one hundred, thousands of creative articles, creative journalistic news stories, product reviews, and speeches to local and international clients- the experience had been awesome.

I am engaged in other activities that bring in lots of money to my pockets like public speaking, teaching and leadership training, but none is more satisfying than writing; writing is something I am passionate about, and keep doing with every vigour.

Once I run out of work, I will contact my clients and let them know that I am available for more jobs, and jobs will keep coming. I am only sharing my personal experiences to motivate some people who may have interest in writing. So, writing inspires you to write more, and brings in more money to your coffers.

2.     You will become more efficient

Writing makes you to be more organized and efficient in your activities. It will help you to schedule your time appropriately, and you will have the desire to find more time to write. Writing is an enticing, entertaining and lucrative venture. You will never regret engaging yourself with writing.

3.     Your ideas will keep flowing

If you are a creative writer, you will discover that anytime you take up your pen or you want to press your keyboards to write, ideas will keep flowing. Your ink will never run dry.

4.     You will steadily have a vocabulary increase

Once you keep writing, your knowledge of vocabularies will increase- you will keep learning more words daily, and your knowledge of certain keywords will become clearer. Your literary and spoken words will be better.

5.     You will speak fluently

Most writers are also good speakers. As a writer, you are deeply engrossed in editing, creative writing, and creative thinking and so on. These will enhance your grammatical base.

The result would be that you will learn to speak with confidence. Your speeches will be spiced with inspiring nuggets for healthy living. People will find it a pleasure listening to you.

6.     You will be a voracious readers

I have always said it many times that readers are leaders. If you are a writer, there is a possibility that you will be a voracious reader. You will always have something interesting to share with your audience. You will never run out of meaningful experiences and ideas.

 If you a writer and you have unflinching passion for reading, you will always amaze your fans with your level of creative writing and experience. Your fans will want to read more from your reservoir of knowledge.

7.     You will meet new people
As a creative writer, naturally, you will like to learn more about it. the ubiquity of internet has made it possible for us to research, analyse events and get more information just by clicking a mouse.

Writing gives you the opportunity to meet new people on social media, mailing lists, and romancing intellectually with a thoughtful and gigantic community of ambitious and inspiring writers.

Besides the web, there are many writing groups you can get yourself acquainted with, and it will become an amazing experience. Even if you are an acute introvert, writing will awaken up and bring you out of a dogmatic shell.

8.     Writing can skyrocket your career

You may start to re-consider writing if it is not your full-time job. It is estimated that many people really want to develop their writing capabilities, but some actually achieve this ambition.

 Many want to become authors, even when they don’t have the skills. Becoming a writer is a secret ambition of most people. Writing will take you to the next level.  I am a living example!