Why Your Boyfriend hasn’t proposed to you yet...5 Honest Reasons

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Why hasn’t your boyfriend of many years not proposed to you? Below could be one or some of the obvious reasons
1.      He is not ready financially
He might be ready mentally, but not
yet ready materially. He may be working hard to raise some money to take proper care of you- buy some items for you.
 He may be cold about proposing to you because he wants to ascertain some level of comfortability like have a car, a house and a business that can take care of a family. Just be rest assured that if all these conditions are met, he will certainly take the relationship to the next level.
2.      His friends are still unmarried
If most of his friends are unmarried, he may not be contemplating to be the first to marry. But the case will be different if one or two of his friends are married. They will even encourage him to get married soon.  In that case, he will be thinking of doing what his mates have done.
3.      Scared by the mere fact of getting married
In some of my counselling sessions, I have met many guys that are not disposed to take the bold step, simply because they are afraid of marriage itself.

Some will say when I get married now; I will no longer be dating other beautiful girls out there. I will now be dating only one woman forever and ever.

However, this type of mindset is very wrong. Encourage your man to pick courage and take the bold step now, the earlier the better. I have been in that shoe, and i was able to overcome it, and currently happily married. So, tell him to add me up or read my blog for assistance.

4.      He is still wearied with unfinished projects

If your guy has so many unfinished businesses that is taking much of his time, then there is the possibility that he is not thinking of getting married now.

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or that he will not get married at the end of the day. it simply means that on his top priority you are probably number 5.

 If you are smart enough to know what numbers 1 through 4 are, then you will have an idea of how long to wait further.

5.      He doesn’t want to Marry You

For obvious reasons, your guy may be delaying to propose to you because he is not interested in marrying you. He might be looking for an alternative. If you have such a man in your life, he is likely going to leave you the moment he sees someone he feels is better than you. May you never be a victim of this!