Top 5 Reasons why studying online is a good idea

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
For the past four years I have been a successful online student. Earlier before now, I have been hearing of online studies. I haven’t really taken time to understand its importance until I became one. Indeed, it is a noble experience.
I have earned more than 3 professional certificates and currently running a degree program at the Prestigious International Institute for Global Leadership, which by the special Grace of God; I will graduate in no distant time.
I see studying online as a world of
endless possibilities. I can wholeheartedly without any reservation recommend online study. It provides a wide range of benefits and makes it possible for busy people like myself incorporate the huddles of serious academic study into our lives.
Here are six top reasons why studying online is a profitable venture:
1.      No need of running from one class to another
When you are an online student, you won’t be running from one class to another, because your living or study room is your classroom or anywhere you choose as long as you have a stable internet connection.
2.      Ability to manage your workload
As an online student, you do things at your pace; you manage your time very well. Nobody disturbs you or tells you when to attend the lecture or not. Most times when I have so much workload, I choose the ones to do at weekends and weekdays. At the end of the day, I discover that there will be no clash of interest.

3.      24/7 support services

As an online student, you won’t feel isolated. You can exchange thoughts or request more clarifications from your instructors just like in a conventional classroom setting.

I don’t need to fix any appointment, since I can mail them directly and get reply within the shortest possible time. They are there to support, because they understand that the student may experience some difficulties in the course of their studies. Apart from the academic support services you can get from the lecturers. The student can also get further assistance from fellow students. To get help, all you need is a click away.
4.      Flexibility to study at your pace

Being an online student, you don’t need to study at the time suitable for your professors. Submission deadlines are done in your local time, not the time where your institution is located. This makes students living virtually in any part of the world to participate actively.

5.      Cross-fertilisation of ideas with other international students

Online studies offer you the opportunity to brainstorm with other students. I have interviewed many online students, and over 90% of them confess that online format of studies makes diversified, dynamic, and innovative and interaction possible. You dialogue with people in other cultures and civilisations- these give you in-depth knowledge of the issues at stake.

What are you still waiting for? Jump in and enjoy this exciting possibility.