The Best time to quit that Unfavourable Job... 11 Signs!

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Are you presently stressed at work? Have you being thinking of how and when to quit but don’t know how? What are the things making you uncomfortable in your workplace? Are you a victim of verbal abuse in the office? In fact, this might be the right time to move.
Experts say that there are obvious signs that once you start to experience them, the best thing would be to resign.
Here are 11 signs
that you really need to quit with immediate effect or think of how to improve the situation.
1.     Lack of Passion
When you no longer derive the satisfaction that goes with the job implies that you really need to quit. You don’t wake up in the morning with the joy that goes with it, instead when you get up, you dread going to work most times.
If you are not happy with what you are doing, then it will be difficult to reach your true potential.
2.     You are uncomfortable with your colleagues
When you are no longer comfortable with your colleagues or your boss; sometimes these people can be highly trying and restive towards your work.
No matter how hard you try to get along with them, they are still not flexible to work with. This is the best time to resign your appointment if you are unhappy and/ or negative or consistently stressed at work.
If your work is affecting your family and friends or your mental or physical health, then it will be better to resign.
3.     You no longer share the dreams of the company
 There may come a time when you no longer fit in with the organization’s culture or there is a discrepancy between how the company is going and your belief system. When such happens, quit without further delay.
4.     Poor performance at work
If the environment is no longer giving you the opportunity to perform your work, it might be the best time to start looking for another work.
5.     Lack of good work-life balance
If the work is not giving you enough time to spend with your family and friends, looking for another job that may give you enough time for your family and friends, and guarantee job satisfaction may be the best option.
6.     Your skills are no longer being tapped
If the management is sceptical about your skills and competencies; if they fail to recognize that you have more to offer than you are being paid or you are being passed for promotion severally, and you have been carefully skipped out of key meetings you know too well that you should attend all things being equal. This is a sign that you should start scouting for another opportunity.
Move on if your ideas are being heard or valued. It means that you are no longer in the good books of the powers-that-be. It is also an indication that it will be difficult for you to get acknowledgements or approvals for work well-done.
7.     Increased job description with little or static remuneration
Well, I acknowledge that sometimes there is a good reason for this, but it could also be a sign that you should think of going especially if the management is thinking of increasing your pay.
You cannot be working for a job worth $1,000, yet you don’t receive up to $200 per month. You need to go to a place where you will get job satisfaction and remuneration for the skills you are putting on.
Experience has shown that when your job has increased yet nothing to show for it, the management may be doing so on purpose, while looking for someone with better skills or someone who may be taking the amount you are receiving currently with even more job descriptions.
 If you are someone that knows your onions, when your employer is not getting it right, don’t give them chance any longer, so that they don’t rubbish you. Move on if the company is doing pretty well, yet it is not reflecting in your monthly take-home or rewards.
8.     Bored and stagnated at your work
This is also the perfect time to leave if you are bored or stagnated; if you have outgrown your current position or you are not given any opportunity for advancement and nobody seem to be doing something about it.
If you have reached a point where you are no longer learning anything new, the best thing would be to quit. Get out and engage yourself with more meaningful work.
9.     You are a victim of sexual harassment, verbal abuse or exposed to other illegal behaviour.

You should keep your eye out of the current job if you are a victim of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, bullying or other unhealthy behaviours.

Irrespective of any other corrective measure you are adopting, start thinking of resigning or finding another opportunity. Exploring a new career change might be a wonderful option.

10.                         Your boss is restive or needs exorcism

Some bosses are highly trying and restive; they need to be exorcised, because they always leave their employees in the state of panic. If you are a victim of this, and this is affecting your lifestyle. The best strategy is resignation with immediate effect.

11.                        You don’t fit in with the Company’s vision

Resign now if you are feeling like an outcast or you don’t fit in with the company’s ideals or you no longer believe in what you are doing. Stop wasting your time, delay could be dangerous. This is the best to move on!

I hope this article was helpful?