How to motivate your Employees with Purpose-driven Leadership

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

As an employer, you can make your staff to be highly motivated, self-guided and empowered than merely being over –reliant on their bosses. It is absolutely possible to build this type of work culture- this will happen only when you are a leader, not just a boss.

Based on research and experience, I have developed the following five amazing ways you can empower your staff and at the same time enhance their productivity at the work place.

1.      Inspire in-the-moment feedback

If you are not a good leader, you will get flawed criticisms, and by this the aim will be defeated.

Occasionally, board of directors and employers should conduct workplace criticisms through organizing opinion polls among the staff and clients, telling the staff to
assess the company and give their honest criticisms and also seeking for private suggestions through opinion box.

Trust me, if you do this very well, you will get honest and respectful feedbacks. Make it a point of duty that no staff would be victimized for airing their views. Most highly productive companies I have worked with, and came across utilize this method to achieve the needed results.

2.      Create an executive mindset

For some selfish reasons, most gullible employers are afraid to do this. To achieve an optimal result with your team, you must host meaningful regular meetings and brief them on the goings on in the company- how every unit is performing and if possible, ask them to give the ways they think the company can move forward or remain ahead of the competition.

Make it open to them that your main goals and objectives is to arrive at the company’s vision, and that you are desirous of collaborating with them to achieve this. If they feel, they are not part of your vision; they will never work towards its actualization- they will only be interested in their salaries only. Grudgingly, they will never go the extra mile to achieve the overall company’s goals.

 There is nothing wrong in having an excellent vision, but if you don’t create an open door policy for your employees to offer suggestions, then you are getting it wrong.

That your company is moving from grace to grace is courtesy of your employee’s performance, and you really need to treat them well. Make them feel belong.

 Never present yourself as a demigod, if you do, definitely you will be misunderstood and possibly quoted out of context, and you will achieve the opposite- not getting the needed productivity from your workforce. Studies have shown that no company is too big enough to crash- don’t forget this while dealing with your employees.

3.      Utilize every challenges and opportunities

Strong employers don’t play with their highly productive staff. Challenge your staff to achieve their full potential. For instance, if you notice that your customer care representative is more inclined to having phone conversations, inspire them to develop huge interests in email interactions too.

You may also notice that your unit head is doing very well, but need to devote much time to building stronger client bonds and presentation skills- don’t waste time in sending him or her for a short training.

 Training? Yes, this is one of best ways to get the needed productivity from them, and the employee would be happy with your firm long even after leaving your establishment. The training will also help him or her to put in their productivity at the workplace. Develop their unique interests and human capabilities.

If you notice that an employee is bilingual or has unflinching interest for languages, then motivate them to come out of their comfort zone, learn related languages and ask them to work with foreign clients.

If you run out of ideas on how to move your establishment forward, make research, and call one or two of your highly motivated employees and ask them that they feel would be relevant for the company so that your vision can grow professionally.
4.      Give them enabling environment to work

If you want to get the best from your employees, then you should give them instruments to work with (instrumentum laboris). If they don’t have access to the right materials, chances are they would be overwhelmed with options and this will go miles in affecting their productivity. Examine key areas that will inspire creative input and greater flexibility.

5.      Respect their right and privileges

Your employer is entitled to monthly payment or as may be stipulated in the conditions of service of the company.  Whether the company is progressing or not, your employee deserve to be paid as and when due.

 Most employers don’t understand this. They feel that when the company is not making enough profit, then there will be no payment. This is absolutely wrong. Such employers have not understood the true meaning of entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur bears all risks of the business- so, don’t punish your staff by withholding their salaries or cutting down their salaries without justifiable reasons. When you do this, you will likely get the end-result; poor performance.

There is no point repeating the obvious that when an employee is not properly motivated, it will affect their productivity. Paying salaries to your employee is a right, never a privilege. When you are paying their salaries, you are respecting their right, and they will surely appreciate.

Another thing, don’t expect your staff to come back and say thank you after receiving their salaries; it is their right, they worked for it. Whether they said thank you or not shouldn’t be an issue.
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