How to excite your Husband…21 sure Tips!

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
·         Pet him, cuddle and call him by a sweet name
·         Seek his opinion always
·         Don’t challenge when he is deeply hurt or angry
·         If he is angry, just be patient
and handle him with care. Go back to him with bended knees and explain in clear terms why you behaved the way you did. Let him know that it was not your intention to make him feel hurt in the first place.
·         Learn how and when to say ‘I’m sorry’
·         Speak so well of him before his colleagues, friends and family
·         Honor his parents and siblings
·         Always encourage him to buy gift for his parents and loved ones- in this way, be rest assured that he will extend such kind gestures to yours.
·         Surprise him with his best food and make sure you serve it early
·         Don’t give your maids the opportunity of serving him his meals while you are at home, so that you don’t lose him to them.
·         Always welcome him back with a warm embrace; take his briefcase to the bedroom and gently undress him.
·         Smile whenever you look at him, and occasionally appreciate him with a peck at the cheek
·         Pour encomium on him before your kids- they will love and appreciate both of you
·         Wash his back while he is taking his bath
·         Inscribe a love note and put it inside his briefcase or under his pillow
·         Call him when he will be in the office and express your love to him; dial his number, and immediately you hear his number, the first thing that should come out of your mouth is ‘I love You’
·         If he is a politician or public figure. Gently wake him up at the early hours of the morning, romance him deeply to the point of demand. In this way, you will reduce the possibility of him getting enticed by any woman all through the day.
·         Always tell him how privileged and lucky you are to have him in your life.
·         Give him a sweet hug
·         Don’t fail to pray for him; when you are praying for his success, you are at the same time praying for yours.
·         Ensure both of you start and end each day with prayers.
May the Good Lord keep on blessing and showering your conjugal bliss with all the Goodies of life, Amen!