How to criticise your Boss without getting fired.

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
One of the goals of constructive criticisms is to help us make amends. Let’s just be very honest.
As an employee, sometimes there comes a time when
you feel that your voice should be heard.
Irrespective of where you are working at the moment, contributing your ideas is not a bad idea. Below are some of the ways to criticise your boss without getting fired.
1.     Timing is important

Don’t criciticise your boss when he/ she are on the way to an important meeting or when they are preparing a speech or presentation. If your boss is always in a bad mood, then the best time to talk it out with them is now.

2.     Be professional about it

The business world is filled with sharks, intruders, social-never-do wells, and people who are pathetically insecure. It is good to criticise your boss, but do it in a professional manner. Don’t gossip about it with some of your colleagues.

Some of them will just take advantage of it by presenting it to your boss, this time as a gossip and no longer as an advice. Your good will might be misunderstood and you will be mapped out as someone that will devoured.

So, it is better to talk it one-on-one with your boss; surely a good boss will appreciate it if you do it in a professional manner.

3.     Garnish your ideas with facts
    If you suggest to them areas you feel they are not getting it right, it is also left for you to support your ideas with real facts- tell them things they should do to get it right.

4.     Be friendly and gracious

Being friendly and gracious are actually wonderful traits or qualities you should develop. To a great extent, these qualities build trust. When you are talking it out with your boss, do it in a friendly manner while keeping the conversation flowing.

Use humour if you can. Take a look at comedians, late-night hosts, and morning radio show hosts- emulate how they criticise celebrities without insulting them.
In fact, criticising your boss with humour will make them to be on the defensive and lead to a more productive lifestyle. Remember this shouldn’t be done on the stage, but while you are having a personal chat with them.

Just a slight exception to this rule, there are some bosses who doesn’t like to play with their employees. To such people, don’t ever use any atom of humour. Go to them, talk it out with them and keep it clean.

5.     Keep it simple and stop at the right time
Always remember the golden rule, do to people what you would want them to do to you or how you would want them to treat you.  Your criticisms should be kept simple, know when to stop. If his / her tension is high, apologise and redirect the discussion for another time. 

When your criticisms are presented well, you will surely earn your boss respect!