How StaffGarden can eliminate the Need for Traditional Resume Screening

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
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An Overview of StaffGarden Services
StaffGarden is deeply committed in finding and hiring efficient, cost effective and highly qualified nurses your organization needs right now.

Our software eliminates the timely processes
and costly agency fees. No matter the number of nurses you want or what positions you really want to fill, StaffGarden can assist you with a professional finesse.
Tools and Tutorials
We have an amazing tools and tutorials. Surely, this makes it extremely easy for us to build your e-presence. StaffGarden’s easy-to-read, professional and clean format gives clients accurate and reliable snapshot of their careers and abilities.

StaffGarden remains your carer partner at all times. Our aim is to help you grow. The services of StaffGarden are exclusively for healthcare industries.
Our tools have everything that will make you to get noticed. Clients can successfully advance, track, and explore new career opportunities with StaffGarden.

Expiration Notifications
StaffGarden understands perfectly well that managing all your licenses and certifications can be a daunting task. That is why they will keep on sending you day-to-day notifications till the expiration of your license. Once your license expires, you are meant to go and renew it.

How StaffGarden can eliminate the Need for Traditional Resume Screening
The shortage of nurses is giving many hospitals and / or health institutions a lot of headache. Many recruiting firms are working round the clock to ensure that they eliminate the need for traditional resume screening. StaffGarden is one of such companies.

With increasing demand for healthcare, every major healthcare industry or hospitals wants to hire reliable and professional nurses. A hospital never closes- thus, there is always the need for a group of nurses to stay on weekends, weekdays, nights, days, holidays and so on.

Nursing jobs are available, but this doesn’t mean that getting hired is easy. Hospitals are not just looking for nurses that will fill the vacant positions only; they must be able to find the relevant talent that will fill the vacant position. So, the nurse must be qualified with the relevant prior experience.

Nurses’ different skill sets
Usually, nurses come with different skills set- some of them are specialists in the following fields:
·         Ambulatory care
·         ICU
·         Neonatal
·         ER
·         Rehab
·         Medicine and Surgery
·         Oncology
·         Orthopaedic
·         Cardiac rehabilitation and many more
These nurses are highly sought after candidates. Let’s us talk about registered nurses. Many people have wondered why it is difficult to hire a registered nurse. The reason is not farfetched; there is a shortage of highly qualified registered nurses. In issues of life and death or health, we shouldn’t make any mistake.
Some hospitals are not eager to work with inexperienced nurses; instead they prefer nurses who can resume work with little or no training on the job.
How StaffGarden leverage the Power of Social Media
The advantage of social media can never be overemphasized; it can be a great career tool if you are using the right channels.
Many nurses overtime have used social media tools to advance their career development opportunities. In StaffGarden, nurses can connect and interact with employers and recruiters in an amazing way.
Nurses are encouraged to create a professional e-portfolio that highlights all their skills and competencies, manage their licenses and certifications even in terms of renewals and expirations and then share a customized link of your portfolio to recruiters, potential employers, colleagues and others.
StaffGarden have access to technology that enables us to connect, attract and hire nursing candidates faster and cheaper. We leverage the power of social media; it has been proven to be effective and active in resume screening.
 Let us cite an example, although LinkedIn is a reputable social network, yet most nurses don’t see it as a relevant channel. Although some nurses may have profiles there, but it is not a social platform that they visit often. StaffGarden spends time in screening few nurses that are qualified there, and then contact them through an email.
On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter have a wide range of healthcare professionals, approximately 2 million nurses, 500,000 physical therapists and other health professionals. Facebook is unique and quite different than LinkedIn. According to the available statistics, the average user spends about 1 hour daily.
Smartphone users are checking their facebook updates at least 10 times per day. Thus, there is a high potential for building and having an engaging relationship with nursing candidates.
Most many-in-demand nurses are gainfully employed, and therefore are not looking for any job opening, unless the one that comes with more juicy remunerations.
StaffGarden reach many passive candidates through facebook advertising. We target specific profiles based on interests, location, current employment, connections and many more. The adverts are usually mobile-friendly.
Another useful and cost-effective way of recruiting nurses is through referrals. You will achieve multiple results when you recruit through other nurses. Nurses can be happy working with someone they already know or someone they have worked with previously than a totally different person.
Healthcare establishments can ask professional nurses to sample nurses they know or they have worked with in the past. Recruiting takes patience, energy and time. It is really competitive.
Hospitals and health agencies can use different retention and recruitment techniques from tuition reimbursement and bonuses to partnerships and career development opportunities. A nursing shortage is required in the world as the need for healthcare services grows. 

Below are some of the ways StaffGarden can recruit and retain nurses.

There are various job openings for nurses- nurses are hired to work in certain times of the year like weekends, holidays, or flu season. These nurses are given financial incentives for the short-term assignments. Some nurses are given trainings that will enable them to work in intensive care units or operating rooms.
StaffGarden has the relevant tools that will hire flexible and trained nurses for the short and long term needs- the nurses are given the right training that will make them to be fully productive in their specific fields.
Without the right training, they won’t perform at optimal level. Registered nurses are given the opportunities to develop their careers.
We provide an enabling environment for nurses to work and reach their full potentials. Experience has shown that nursing staff recruited by StaffGarden are heavily participative and engaging.
Multiple Ways StaffGarden prevents shortage of Nurses
There are so many ways StaffGarden prevents shortage of nurses:
·         Nurses are inspired to work in collaboration with others- they are given an enabling environment to thrive.
·         Nurses are inspired to devote their time and talents learning new skills that will advance their careers and capacities.
·         They provide residency program for newly employed nurses
·         Nurses work in close supervision and tutelage with physicians so as to advance their safety and clinical quality like intensive care unit or emergency department 
·         Occasionally, StaffGarden sends out newsletters to nurses through their social media accounts- this is some of the things they do to ensure the staff has real access to system leaders.
StaffGarden offer incentives for recruitment like loan repayment and tuition reimbursement programs. Hospitals and healthcare establishments should be creative in the way they schedule and staff nurses- there should be enough nurses to handle patient volumes. Nurses can advance to expertise and experience in leading different projects.

The bone of contention here is that StaffGarden can eliminate the need for traditional resume screening. They can do this successfully without any issue. StaffGarden employ mobile applications, hospital-specific social media networks, browser-based advertising, targeted text-messaging campaigns, virtual and real career fairs and other forms of digital marketing to attract nurses and other health professionals.
Hospitals should relate and maintain healthy relationships with registered nurses who have expert skill sets, and may be ready to relocate. Hire nurses that have the experience and skills required for the position or available employment opportunities.

Healthcare establishments who are finding it hard-pressed to get the seasoned nurses as cost-effectively and quickly as possible will be delighted read this article. StaffGarden use big-data analytics while recruiting nurse’s professional certificates.
Most times, they track and profile individual nurses even to their hometowns or institutions they studied. While recruiting or screening the resume submitted by nurses, they search overseas and go through the immigration visa processes especially if the nursing candidate is coming from a foreign country.
We understand that we are living in an age in which many nurses are willing to relocate and work in other countries or suitable health institutions. At StaffGarden, we review applications, source nursing candidates, and refer nurses to suitable hospitals. We have all the needed tools to do this.

Hospitals should be fully involved in the recruitment process. Though, some positions can be exclusively reserved for certain recruiters. Talent is the most essential requirement needed in most organization. Hard-to-find positions should be given to a recruitment firm. Training new nurses requires time and patience. Health institutions should be aware of this. Resume screening is very essential and StaffGarden understand this too, and they are working round the clock to ensure that traditional resume screening is replaced with more advanced or complex resume screening.