How can I get my boyfriend to spend more time with me?

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Most ladies are finding it extremely difficult to spend quality time with their boyfriends. While, it is noble and civil to give him some space to figure out or fix himself or get busy with meaningful task.
 It is also very important that you get the needed nuggets out of the relationship. Creatively, you need to make your
schedules match, but do it the right way.
In few seconds from now, I will teach you some secrets.
Tell him about your feelings
Examine your feelings and tell him the vacuum his absence is creating in your life, and why you feel it is important that you guys spend quality time together. The gains are enormous.
Ask him about it
This might be the safest and best way to get the best out of the whole situation. Find out why you are not hanging out as usual. However, it could be as a result of the following reasons:
·         Probably he is very busy with work or he is dealing with other pressing needs in his life now. He may not be feeling the need to relax with you right now. If this is the case, you may just have to be patient with him.
·         Maybe he doesn’t value your presence in his life. If you are making frantic efforts to be with him, and yet he is not doing anything about it. Then this may be the best time to move on. Don’t allow anybody take advantage of you unnecessarily.
·         He may be perfectly happy in the relationship, but may not even know that you are not having the same feelings with him. Trying to tell him that you really want him to devote much time with you may achieve better results.

Talk to him
Some relationships collapse because the parties involved don’t have time to talk about their feelings. Tell him that you desire to spend more quality time with him, and that you will never take it for granted. Explain to him, how you feel about the whole situation. He might be a novice in relationship issues, and may be unaware that you are upset with the way things are going. Sometimes, talking to him about it might be a panacea to the situation.

Engage in activities you both enjoy so much

It could be taking a walk, a trip to the beach or popular tourist destination or a movie night. You need to find out something you guys are excited about, and keep on engaging him with as much as possible. This could do the magic of making him to spend quality time with you.

Don’t forget there is a time he needs to spend with his family and other male friends don’t deny him that opportunity. You can also accompany him on demand.

·         Presumption is a vice. So, don’t just speculate reasons why he is not spending time with you until you have talked it out with him. He might think that he is doing his best, while you are busy suspecting an affair.

·         Tell him the importance of spending more time with you, but don’t force him into him. Forcing him into it might achieve the opposite.