How can I get my boyfriend to propose fast?

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Let your boyfriend know that although you love him deeply, intensely and really wish to be with him, that you are not going to wait for him to propose forever.
 You have been in a relationship for a very long time now, but you don’t want to seem desperate, even though you want him to propose right away.
Here are few tips that will work in your favour:

Don’t push him
Pushing him and/ or bringing up the issue of marriage at every point in time, will make you to seem desperate. This is enough to make him flee in the opposite direction. Playing more actions than mere words can do the magic here.
Start talking about future plans
One of the ways of knowing if you are part of him is discussing his future plans with you.  You may not be on his mind if he detests talking such issues with you or he is still in doubt to discuss such issues with you or not.
 For instance, if he is not talking about how to settle down, how he will make his money to grow, how to live amazing life. If this is the case, the earlier you start talking about it with him, the better for you.
Talking about these sensitive issues with him will give him an idea that you are deeply looking for a more committed relationship with him. This will also make him to develop the mindset for marriage.
Start talking about your friends getting married
Talking about your friends that are getting married can put him in the mood. But don’t just talk about them only, attending the wedding reception / party will with him will serve as an indicator that you are really looking forward in that direction.
Give him space if he asks for it
If he asks you to give him a space, please do. Many relationships have crushed because no party wants to give each other a breathing space. Conversely, many relationships have grown amazing and lead to something meaningful because at a point, one party requested for a space.
Giving a man space sometimes can make him to think straight and will even miss your absence, if both of you are good to go. The space will not be for a long time, one or two months is enough. If it exceeds this time, without calling you back.
Then, you can start to give other intending male friends opportunity to have a date with you, but this should be done strictly on a platonic manner. If he finds out, he will absolutely get the picture of what you want in this period of your life loud and clear. The message is simple, is it either he comes to pay your bride price now or never.
Talk to him about looking for career options
You can be casually talking to him about looking for better career options. This can make him to feel that you are deeply interested in his affairs.  Guys, generally appreciate girls that want the best for them.

Give him an ultimatum
If your relationship has lasted for a record time, for instance 4-7 years, and you have been faithful, and he sees that you have been with him both in good and bad times, yet he is not ready to take it to the next level, and he is financially ready, but not mentally ready.
Then this might be the best time to give him an ultimatum that despite you love him immensely, that you are not going to be there with him forever owing to obvious reasons. This is enough to wake him from his slumber and quickly start making plans of putting a ring in that finger.
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