How can I get my boyfriend to forgive and love me again?

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

I have always said it severally that cheating is a choice. It is a deal-breaker which breaks the bond of trust between two lovebirds.
 Most times the victim is traumatized due to the betrayal, and usually
left with no option than feelings of resentment, anger and sadness.
Although, you may have offended him so much by cheating on him- i understand he may be feeling so bad with the whole situation. All hope is not lost; there is still hope for reconciliation.
Consider yourself lucky, if he is choosing to remain with you after he discovered you cheated on him. This is the time to take responsibility of your action, prove to him that you can be trustworthy and you are ready to commit a lot of effort to make things work out. If you can do this effectively, then you may end up becoming a better couple.
Own your actions
Nobody has a good reason to cheat, so there is no point trying to glorify what you have done. Even if you weren’t getting what you bargained for in the relationship, it is still never a good reason to cheat on him. Blaming others may not solve the problem, instead own up your mistakes and feel sincerely sorry for what you have done.
Offer a sincere apology
Try as much as possible to apologize wholeheartedly. Although, this will not negate the fact that you have cheated, but at least it shows that you are remorseful and that you truly care about his feelings.
End the affair immediately and absolutely
If you want to stay committed to your boyfriend, and prevent any potential damage to the relationship, don’t waste time in cutting off all communications with the person you had the affair with. If possible, try to delete him from your memory.
 Show your boyfriend the proof that you have done this either through email, text message or phone. Continuing mending ties with the person shows that you are not yet 100% dedicated to the relationship.
Time heals all wounds
Give him time to heal; the time will enable him to recover from the emotional trauma. Do not rush him, or get impatient if he wants to find out some facts about the infidelity. If he asks for some space, just give it to him.
Beg for his forgiveness

If you are serious in salvaging in the relationship, then you should sincerely beg for his forgiveness. Let him know that to move on, you deserve his forgiveness. Do everything within your limit to appease him. Don’t expect the forgiveness to be automatic; it may take him little time for him to be secure with you again.