Breaking News: Pastor Chris raised dead baby back to life

The General Overseer of
Mountain Miracle and Liberation Ministries, popularly known and addressed as Liberation City, Pastor Dr. Chris Okafor reportedly brought back a dead child to life.

 The Pastor dropped the 6-month child on the altar, raised his hands up to God, and commanded her spirit to descend on the child.
 Chris Okafor
According to sources, the child had been sick for an undisclosed sickness for the past six months, and was brought to church for prayers and ministration. Unfortunately, the child gave up the ghost few minutes after arriving the church.

The frantic and distraught parents made their way to the podium where the pastor was bisecting the word of God. He quickly collected the child, and prayed for her to return to the land of the living.

The congregation was moved with thunderous ovation when the child responded to the prayers, and even drank some water.

All we can say is To God be the Glory!