7 Basic Things every Transformative Leader should know

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

A popular saying goes this way: ‘He who is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk’. To be an effective and efficient leader, we must reflect on the basics of leading. If you are not a good leader, you can never influence people and win their friendship.

Transformative leaders must be trustworthy, transparent, courageous, credible, ethical and
hones- with all these enviable qualities, great leadership will be possible.
Here are 7 key principles every transformative or purpose-driven leader should know:

1.      Be Credible- you need to say something and mean every word of it. This is the essence of being credible.
2.      Do what is right- be courageous to do the right things and say No to wrong opportunities.
3.      Be Responsible- as a leader, you might be free to act the way you want, but don’t forget that every freedom goes with responsibility. Be trustworthy. Stop giving excuses every time on why you have not done something meaningful or why something will not be done. If you are this type of person, after some time people will get tired of you and your leadership style.
4.      Trust your convictions- there are no failures, only quitters. Believe in your abilities, and know what you value. Develop high moral standard of living. Be exceptional.
5.      Be Transparent- share the knowledge of what you know to people; the beauty of teaching is not just to teach, but to inspire. A great leader does not hoard or restrict what he/ she knows.
6.      Be Honest- honesty, they say is the best policy. Every great leader should learn the importance of being honest both with themselves and with others- they should know what they can do and what they cannot do, and also what they can do better.
7.      Develop an amazing character- character is the hallmark or cornerstone of true leadership. This is what sets people apart and make them have attractive personalities.