10 Interesting Facts about Australia

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh
Australia is one of the wealthiest and highly developed countries in the world, with an average population of close to 30 million. The country is
highly urbanised, with over 70% of the inhabitants living in the 10 largest cities.

In this short article, we are going to talk about 10 most interesting, unusual, and amazing facts about Australia so that you can share it with your circle of friends, colleagues and family.

#1 Smallest Continent and Biggest Island

Australia is the smallest continent, but the biggest island. She has so many outlying islands.

#2 Driest Inhabited Continent

She is the driest continent in the world, and has one of the lowest rainfalls in the world. Over three-quarters of the land is arid and semi-arid. She has a well-fertile land, which is used to feed the world. They cultivate foods for themselves and export others to Africa, Europe and America.

#3 World’s sixth largest nation

Australia is the sixth largest nation in the world. In land mass, it covers a total area of China, United States of America, Russia, Brazil and Canada. Though, relatively she has a very small population compared to these countries.

#4 World’s Longest Fence

The popular Dog fence, Dingo Fence, Border Fence or Wild Dog fence depending on the state you are in is located in Australia. This has turned into a tourist attraction centre for decades now. The fence is about 5614 kilometres long. It started as the famous Queensland and stopped at the Great Australian Bight in South Australia.

#5 Trans-Australian Railway Track

This Trans-Australian railway crosses from South Australia to Western Australia.

#6 World’s Longest Straight Section of Road
Nullarbor Plain is the longest straight section of road around the globe, with 146.6 kilomet5res without turning.

#7 Language and Dialects

Australia has more than 200 languages and 45 indigenous languages or dialects. Relatively, English is the language of communication and association. Other non-English speaking languages are   Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek and Italian. These are mainly spoken by immigrants from those countries, and foreign diplomats working in Australia.

#8 Biggest Cattle station in the world

Australia is prominent for so many reasons. She has the biggest cattle station in the world. It is known as Anna Creek Station, occupying about 6 million acres of land, which is slightly bigger than Israel, and about 1,977,000 acres larger than its closest rival, Alexandrian station in the United States of America.

#9 Largest Capitalist Economies

One of the amazing and outstanding facts about Australia is that they have one of the best capitalist economies in the world with a GDP of US$1.57 trillion, about 1.7% of the world economy.
As a low interest rate, low-inflation, high-growth economy, it is more reliable and lucrative now than ever. Above all, there is a very flexible labour market, government sector and highly competitive business sector.

#10 Aboriginal Australians
Historically speaking, Aboriginal people were the first set of people to occupy Australia. Currently, they are the people that occupy a large chunk of the Island of Tasmania, and Mainland Australia before the country was colonized by the Great Britain in 1788.

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