Which girl was the best option for him? (Series 5) Must Read story!

The third appears to be wiser, and enterprising, but that doesn’t mean she loves the man more than the first two. It could be that she is naturally enterprising.
Probably she read business Administration or Management in the high institution. She seems to be a good planner and manager of resources.
 She knows that the man should not be expected to bring money all the time to solve some minor needs of the house. Unlike the first two, she forgot to use part of the money to take care of herself, the man, and then invest the rest.
 The third person though enterprising, there is a greater possibility that she is a con person. Who knows what may happen in few years to come, if she is excessively favored by the stock market, to the extent that she becomes as rich as the man or even gets richer than the guy. Will she still be loyal to the man? No doubt, she can be a good wife material because of her business acumen as narrated above, but what about her future endeavors?

She would have scored 100% if this is a business forum, but unfortunately, relationship goes beyond how money is spent. I know many will be thinking that the man shouldn’t waste time in marrying her. Well, the man will marry her if he was solely looking for a business partner or an enterprising woman, but here the case is different, he has the money and was trying to know who loves him most. 
By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh