Which girl was the best option for him? (Series 4) Must Read story!


Men should know that girls are inconsistent with their actions. From the story, the first, second and third appears to love the man, however, it is not a
guarantee that they did love him 100%.  Each of them did what they thought the man would love, and obviously, their behaviors touched the man in unique ways.
The first lady invested the whole money on herself, because she wants to look good, so that the man will not be tempted to look elsewhere. Every 21st century girl loves to attract her man with facial and bodily appearances. Probably, she forgot that when she appears charming for the man as she claimed, she is by so doing attracting the attention of other men, even when she doesn’t seem to need them.

The second appears to be kind and gentle, always wanting his man to look good- that is why she had to invest all the money on him without reserving any for herself. She thinks for the man; when a woman is consistently thinking for the man, there will be minimal possibility of cheating on him. Kudos to her for that incentive!