8 Kinds of Girls You Should Never Date

Obviously there are different types of girls. Most men are aware of this, while majority are unaware of this fact. There are some those if you date them, you will be in a safe paradise, but there are 8 types of girls you should never date.
Here are some tips that would enable you to recognize and avoid them:
1.      The one that moves from one boyfriend to another
Most of such girls are extremely beautiful
; they are like Princesses. A lot of men want such girls for sensual feelings only. But the truth is that 98% of them will dump you if you are unable to fulfill their excessive material demands.  Some of them drive great pleasure in moving from one guy to guy. This type of girl is more likely to switch to any guys that simply smile to her.

2.      Food lovers

it is good to eat and eat well, but some girls love foods so much to the extent that they always want to hang out with their men in the latest or newest eatery in town. She loves to go to these places even when she is not hungry, she would expect his guy to buy her an expensive food. Such girls piss majority of guys off.

3.      Girls that are glued to gifts
Such girls would always expect their men to shower them with money and materials gifts every day. If you don’t give them to her or if she spot you are very prudent in spending, she would say you are stingy or greedy type.

4.      Money lovers
These types of girls will leave you when she discovers that your money is not up to the required minimum.

5.      Girls that comes around you only when they are in need
Such girls don’t actually love you. But they come around you when they feel they have something to gain from you. She may likely going to forget you after receiving a favor from you.
6.      Ladies that weep like babies

Such girls piss most guys off; she will cry when she sees that you smile to another lady in a public function or when you mistakenly shout at her. If you discover that such cries are insincere and ridiculous, the best thing to do would be to flee.

7.      Marriage addict

Some girls are glued with the mere idea of marriage; they have been planning it in their hearts right from childhood. It is good for people in relationships to discuss this issue once in a while, but when she starts talking about it immediately she meets you- then run.

8.      Chronic cheater

Guys shouldn’t date girls that are chronic cheaters- they cheat all the time, and never forgets to tell you about it, or they even brag about it. If she brags about it, then you shouldn’t waste your time dating such a girl.

What is your take on this article?

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh