Which girl was the best option for him? (Series 2) Must Read Story!

 The second went to one of the best shopping centers, and even orders lots of gift items online for the man. She didn’t use a dim for herself. She used the money in buying expensive clothes, wrist watches, shoes, wallets, and new set of golf clubs, all for the man. She told the man that she spent all the $3000
back to him, because she loves him deeply, and will always want him to look good. The man was impressed at her unselfishness and care.

The third used the money in buying stocks. After three months, she earned over $3000, and she returned the initial capital to the man, and reinvested the remainder, and even opened a joint account with the man. She told the man that she wants them to start saving for their future, because she loves him greatly and wouldn’t want their future to suffer. The man was touched by this singular act of entrepreneurship. Obviously, he was happy with this girl.

To be continued, read the next episode!