Which girl was the best option for him? (Series 1) Must Read story!

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                            The Lead Story
I had wanted to avoid this story, the more I resist the urge, the more I see myself narrating this incident that happened not quite long ago.
I have a friend; a young man, he is handsome, rich, hardworking, and was dating four different girls at the same time. Each of these girls were charming,
and beautiful.
One day, he decided to settle down, but was confused on who to marry, because all of them seem to love to him in equal proportion. Though he wasn’t desperate, but the fact is that he is in his early 30s and according to what he told me, he needed to settle down.
He was trying to figure out whether these girls were really in love with him for who he is or are they solely concerned with his social and financial status.
 So, he decided to put them to test, so as to be able to score them.  To him, this will help him in making a better choice. Since he was financially stable, he decided to test them with money; he gave them $3000 each, to watch what they will do with the money.

The first girl took the money, move straight to the latest beauty salon, gets new make ups and jewelries, and gets her hair done with the cutest designs, bought assorted dresses and accessories so as to look more charming for the man. She told the man, that she did this so as to look very pleasing for him. Obviously, the man was impressed with her new look.