Top 4 Questions Only the right Investor Will ask You

   I live in Nigeria, a part of the country where almost every state or government is anxiously waiting for local and foreign investors. Some governors have gone to the extent of investing millions of naira, undergoing fruitless business trips just to find investors.

I agree to the fact that it is not really easy to get someone who would be passionate about your business or who would be extremely interested in investing in your business. It is not enough to look for an investor, finding the right investor speaks volumes.

You need an investor who would be interested in becoming a long-term partner. How do I find the right investor many would ask? This is the focus of this post. You can get the right person or company by the questions they ask.

Below are some insightful questions the right investors will ask:

Evaluation of your ideas

The right investor will evaluate your business plans or ideas. He / she will do this by asking you series of questions. They will show signs that they care about what matters most.

Nurture your vision

Finding the right investor is critical to your business growth or success. Evaluating your ideas is not enough, they would also nurture it.

Equal to the task

The right investor would ensure you hire the right people to manage the business. You may have a great vision, fund your ideas but with poor or inexperienced workforce your business will not go far or reach its desired objectives.

Maintains an amazing rapport with partners

The right investor will ensure you have a good relationship with every partner. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship will create value for your business.

Strong commitment, shared values and perseverance from your partners will surely take your business to the next level. Always shop for an investor that can serve as a partner and not just a funding agency.

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh