The role of Ambition in building a relationship

Over the years, many psychologists, relationship experts and philosophers have offered some useful advice on how ambition could define the nature of every relationship.  People are ambitious for varied reasons such as money, success, love etc.
 Ambition plays a very significant role both in the building
and sustaining of every relationship; it has the capability of bringing or uniting goal-oriented love birds into becoming a unified force or even splitting them into two separate directions, because it takes a heart to win a heart; I mean two compatible hearts.
 Our ambitious nature affects to a great extent the way we make social choices and career.  The search for a lasting love is not a day journey; a lot of things are involved. This is the ultimate yearning for many people especially the singles or unmarried. Some are so desperate; willing to go to any extent to grab the true taste of a relationship.

When you are searching for a long term partner; it is not something you will just jump into without questions, inquiries and internally being prepared. If you don’t make the necessary preparations, you may end up regretting the actions you earlier took. Ambition helps you in determining the kind of partner you pursue; moving with someone that won’t assist you in pursuing what you are ambitious about is really worthless. Choosing someone who is willing to help you fulfill your dreams will be one of the wisest actions you can take. However, every relationship must not lead to marriage, some are mistakes, and some are lessons, while others are blessings.
Communication is needed in harnessing a relationship. In the early start of the relationship, the two love birds ought to listen to each other’s needs and wants. One doesn’t have to be too possessive because where one’s freedom ends, another begins. Maintaining and creating a healthy relationship demands ultimate communication. Initially, a relationship might suffer lots of ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean it may never work.

 If there is an intense zeal between the partners, then there is the possibility of the relationship working. The keyword is ‘never to give up’ at the first sign of trouble because both parties are still learning each other and maybe willing to grow.
Start from day one to show your partner how much you care, and how far you can go in being with him or her in time of adversity. Your partner needs to be fully convinced that you have some elements of love for his or her goals and life aspirations.

Emotional relationship is an intimate affair or an affair of the heart between two different people that wants to achieve a common goal. There should exist a mutual respect between the affected individuals. When you have an emotional affiliation with someone, you discuss issues that affect you without much stress; he or she can qualify as your second self. If you are dating the wrong one, it might create tension all through your life.
To fully understand your partner, you need to first of all understand yourself. Every human being is a complex creature whose attitudes and behaviors are full of beliefs, emotions, and much more. If you entangle with someone that has different emotion, and beliefs, then the relationship is likely to die a natural death after staggering for some time. There must be compatibility between the parties.

It could be disheartening being in an emotional chaos or brouhaha. Understanding the relationship drama in another’s life is the safest way to avoid it. In the last few years, over a million relationships have crashed all over the world due to emotional abuse. Locating a good relationship therapist or leaving an emotionally abusive relationship on your own could be of great help. Trying the first option could to be the first, but when it is not working out, and then you can try the second.  After trying your best, and it is not working out, then you have to leave to avoid more potential hurts.
By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh