I am now a certified Business Advisor.

It is now official. I am happy to inform my friends and online community that i have been certified by board of examiners of Institute of Business Advisers yesterday ( Dec 2, 2015) as a 'Business advisor and consultant' To God be the glory. If you have business ideas
, and wants to develop them or if you have an event you feel i would be resourceful, tell me about it, let's educate and develop people towards self-actualization. Cheers!

Below is the message i got from my program supervisor:

Dear Associate Member,

Please find the enclosed congratulatory letter
for your recent achievement as an Associate
Member of our great Institute. I also attach a
post course feedback form to enable you make
some comments about the programme.

Please note that your certificate is ready, but
the completion of post course feedback is very
compulsory for collection of Associate

Based on this, kindly sacrifice two minutes to
complete the form and return to this email
address. After receiving your completed post
course feedback, we shall send you a pdf
downloadable version of your certificate.

I say congratulations for being a Professional
Business Advisor.

Thank you.

Opayemi O Mrs.

For: IBA


Greetings Bro,

I am really happy for you.


Well Done.

Dear Professional business advisor,
It is with great delight that I celebrate with you today on the milestone achieved.
Remember this is just the beginning. You've been given the license to eplore and achieve greater things. Kudo's Emotional zone. I have always believed in your vision.
Best regards

Wow! Thanks a lot Olivia. Much appreciated!