How to Manage Your Brand as a business executive (Part 2)


Build brand evangelists by connecting with the right people

You don’t need to go about preaching to people to be your brand evangelists. If you do your work well, your actions will speak louder than words. Customers should trust your products.

Once you have gained the trust and admiration of few customers, then your business would be spreading like wildfire. Your previous and even present customers will automatically turn into brand evangelists even without them knowing it.

The right people you need to connect are your customers; they are the people that are directly connected with your business. Don’t joke with these people, because they can make or mar the progress of your business. Ensure that your adverts, values, receipts and brochures should project your brand.


Use social media

Social media helps to promote your brand and engage your customers; it gives you the privilege of answering your customers’ questions in large numbers with any issue pertaining to your business. You can create a blog where you market your ideas or exploits about your business. This will help you to enhance your relationship with them, and also manage how they perceive about your products.


Review feedbacks from clients

It is good to get regular feedbacks from previous customers or those that have used your services. Always tell them to recommend your services to others. You will be a household name if customers believe you are delivering on your brand promises.

You need to watch one more thing; your feedbacks shouldn’t be limited to satisfied clients only. Your dissatisfied clients can still give you valuable reviews amidst the criticisms. When you are managing your brand, you really need constrictive criticisms from people.  Never underestimate these criticism, they can help you to achieve the desired results, because reputation is extremely important while building your brand.

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By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh