How to deal with infatuation in a new relationship

When you are into a new relationship, do not be driven by infatuation, because infatuation abhors details and it blindfolds its victim to think rationally. For the relationship to grow to astonishing heights, both parties must be seriously involved.
It is not a one person affair, though one person may have to play more roles than the other. You do not have to jump into the relationship without first of all knowing the person very well- knowing who your partner is and what he or she is up to is a wonderful key to unlock potential unforeseen problems.
 It is all about having the necessary wisdom to know what the person is offering you. Jumping in a relationship out of undue sentiments kills. Thinking about your partner all the time is the easiest way to be obsessed. Most times, this habit worsens or upholds the relationship. You will be few steps closer to unconditional emotional care and love after meeting the right one or when you think you have met your ‘lost rib’.
 Your life will never remain the same. You will feel a sense of being loved, and a sense of loving.  You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you when there is a true love, but don’t make the mistake of discerning true love in the early months of any relationship. Sometimes, you may have to allow the friendship to survive first six months to one year.
In the course of these six months or one year as the case may be, you should be able to master how your partner reacts to your constructive criticisms or complaints. In this game, you are both the player and the spectator, and the ability to manage these two attributes makes you more experienced and focused.
 It is always good to create a value- based relationship; defining what you expect from each other right from day one.  It doesn’t mean that this might not change over time. Devote a good amount of time discussing with your partner about your past love life.
Let your partner know why you left the previous relationship if you have been a victim of a break up. If possible, tell him or her where you think you went wrong, even if your ex contributed 99% of the breakup. This will surely send signals to your partner on things to avoid in the new relationship and qualities to uphold.
No one has a monopoly of knowledge.  You need to have some basic notions in mind when you are searching for a successful relationship; each one of you should be prepared first and foremost for the relationship. Many relationships collapse due to lack of preparations or commitments. A good relationship should be nurtured; your partner deserves absolute respect and care irrespective of the circumstance.

 Many relationship columns in print media, blogs and books have discussed this in great details. Mine is an attempt to reiterate or give it more hints. Relationship experts advise love birds to spend some quality time every day with their partners; this is one of the ways of expressing how much you care. Time is a precious gift you can give to your soul mate. Finding time to compliment and appreciate your partner will keep the relationship in a constant motion.

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh