Top 4 Productive Ways of conducting Successful meetings (Part 2)

Start the meeting on time
Start your meeting on time, don’t be a late comer to any meeting unless for unforeseen justifiable reasons. There is no point waiting for all concerned to arrive before you start, if you keep doing so, that means you will always be starting your meetings
late, because majority of your team will not be time conscious.
If someone arrives when a juicy part has been discussed, you are not obliged to recap of what has been discussed. They can get such info when they come for next meetings, when the minutes of the meeting would be read by the secretary. It is their fault to be late, not yours.
Another advantage of starting meetings on time is that you will dismiss on time, and team will go about their normal businesses.
Develop a clear agenda
As an efficient leader, you should know how to develop a clear agenda- this shows that you have well-coordinated thoughts, and allot time to every agenda, and try as much as possible not to exceed it.
If in the course of the meeting, other vital issues were raised, you can write them down. If the issue is so urgent, if not discussed till the next meeting would hamper the smooth running of the organization, then you can address it immediately.
However, most successful people always address that in a follow-up email. This means that they would have to first brainstorm about the issue with the right people, before bringing up it at the team’s meeting. 
Keeping on adding items to the agenda shows that you are highly unprofessional, and it is enough to make your team lose interest.

What makes you uncomfortable about your meetings? Leave a comment and tell us about it, I will also try my best to direct. If you think there is someone somewhere who can benefit from this piece, then don’t waste time in sharing the ideas with them. 

By By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh