Top 4 amazing qualities of Transformative leadership

This is a continuation of the previous article on ‘6 Qualities of Effective leadership’
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Positive Reinforcement
As a leader, it is really important that you offer constructive criticisms to your team members; this will go a long way in enhancing their productivity
. Please don’t make the mistake of criticising a head of department or unit leader in front of the subordinates.
 If you are giving a general correction, you can do so constructively- as a way of advice, so that your good intentions would not be misinterpreted.
Almost in the same affirmation, Vince Lombardi says: ‘Praise in Public, criticise in private’. Achievements, recognitions and awards can be given in public. Rhett Power maintains that ‘positive reinforcement creates a replication of action, it can work wonders and it is a great motivator’
Hard work
Hard work not only pays, but pays very well. To achieve the vision or goals (both short term and long-term), you will need to work really hard.
As a workaholic, you don’t need to make noise about how hard you work, instead allow your hard work to speak for you. If you are a hard working person, you will inspire your team to be hard working too.
 It is difficult to see a truly hard working leader with lazy team members, because hard work inspires for more work.  I think that famous quote that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ comes into play here. The head that wears a crown don’t just go to bed easily.

An inspiring successor
Professor Stan Anih of Blessed memory said that ‘success without a successor is a failure’ a truly successful leader leaves the stage when the ovation is loudest, and handover to a more inspiring successor; your power will decrease, and his / her power will gradually increase.
You are not a truly effective leader until you have inspired another amazing leader to take the mantle of leadership from you.
It is really good to have a positive influence while on the stage, so that the person taking over from you will start on a good note- this will make the person to do better.

You can motivate a successor on time by mentoring or raising up someone with the resolute vision of the organization. The business or organization would die if you recommend an incompetent fellow out of sheer sentiment. Ralph Nader supported this view when he said: ‘the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers’

Just like every other skill under the sun, practice makes perfect. You can never succeed until you have made mistakes several times and learn from them. your attitude towards your days of humble beginning will determine how far you will go on your road to stardom.
 Effective leadership entails taking the right step, one step at a time. There is no point to wait for perfect moments before taking an action, instead you need to seize this moment and then try your best- if your best is not good enough, keep trying it until the goal is actualized.

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh