The dividends of True leadership

A true leader does not demand respect from followers. He commands adoration naturally.
A true leader does not need political power to influence lives positively.
All he needs
is to be true to his inner convictions and calling.
A fake leader demands respect by force of arms
He gets fear-tainted worship that expires the moment his hold on the people elapses. It does not just fizzle out, but is transformed into solid opprobrium and hatred that spread like oil to his tenth generation.
It pays to be a true leader. The reward is inconceivable, materially and otherwise.
It also pays to be an evil genius, dribbling the people you should be leading.
However, the reward, no matter how well you succeed in your games, will be heart-rending to you and yours.
A leader is one who shows others the way to achieve their collective or individual goals.
People follow a true leader naturally, eager to get all they can from his wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
On the other hand, a fake leader forces, cajoles, threatens and pushes people to trudge behind him. They abandon him naturally the moment he trips.
The dividends of true leadership cannot be quantified. Strive to be a true leader wherever you find yourself.
Nnenna Ihebom; she is a Nigerian novelist, writer, motivational speaker and social critic.