How to Choose a professional life Coach- 5 Ways

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Choosing a career coach can help you to achieve your dreams faster than you ever imagine. A career coach will help you to take the right decisions for
yourself- they will offer useful advice that when implemented will enable you to reach your excellent decision.
You will be inspired by mingling with people and reading stories about highly influential and motivated people.
 How do you go about choosing a career coach? Do you just sit in your house, and they will locate you? Who is qualified and who is not qualified to be your career coach? Here are some important tips that will help you to choose the ideal person:
A Solid academic Competence
A good career coach as far as am concerned must have a solid academic background. Some people have argued otherwise. However, education plays key roles in our lives; one of it is that it is a path to career success.
The person mentoring you must have a proper knowledge on the area he / she is coaching you. Even the Holy Bible recognizes that people perish for lack of knowledge. If the person coaching you lacks the required knowledge, then, they are just playing in the gallery. A sound education is a necessary condition.
Your duty as a mentee is to do a proper research about the coach, and see if they have the relevant skills to direct you. This doesn’t mean that you should pay so much attention to certifications, but to some extent they shouldn’t be overlooked.
Wealth of experience
Equally important is that you need a career coach who has demonstrated extensive experience in the field or industry you are aspiring to go.
This would be the root that will give you the required wings to fly. If you are fortunate to meet this type of person, he / she will answer all the questions, you will face on your path to success.
The more experience or successful they are in the chosen field, the more suited they are to guide you- they will proffer amazing solutions to myriads of problems you will be facing.
An easy going personality
When you are choosing a career coach, it is necessary to look for someone with a contagious personality- someone who is ready to assist you, someone who is really passionate in helping you, no matter their busy schedules.
 The key point here is to look for someone you are comfortable working with, someone you can trust; he / she must be a leader with repute, friendly and fair at all times.
Consider their availability status
The career coach will help you to solve problems affecting your choices and dreams, so their availability is very important. If you are not available, they won’t be able to guide you properly.
Please check their website or social media profile
To get a perfect knowledge about the career coach you intend to choose, take some minutes and go through their official websites, and social media profiles. This will give you an idea of how effective they are, or how they handle their mentees.

I believe the tips above will surely guide you in your search for an inspiring coach. Was this article helpful to you? Kindly share your experiences with me. Feel free to write me back.