Rise up, dust yourself and match on...by Ohagi Elochukwu Nicholas

There was this family I know, they have lived in poverty and romanced hardship. While others living around them have touched money, cruising with their cars, cement houses and generators, this family stays with their bamboo hut, enjoy cold water with their native calabash and and goes out virtually empty stomach all the time.
Some people thought they were caused. But after some years, their story changed, they became richer than all rich people in there village. Money became the least of there problem. Such is life.

What is happening to you today, has no much thing to add to what the future has to offer.
That someone bought a wheelbarrow doesn't mean he will buy a bicycle before you. That I bought a motorcycle before you doesn't mean I will also buy car before you. Life is not 1+1=2. Life has it's own twist.

I guess when Joseph was in prison, some of his mates, even his brothers has earned alot. But at the appointed time, he came out and not only gained money, but gained power as well. He became so rich and influential that he can feed a whole nation. That's life for you.

That situation, that disappointment, that delay can only count when you allow it to count. When you see yourself in certain corner, it's never good to take rash decisions so as not to corner yourself the more.
Failure starts the day you consented to it.
You need to hear the stories of great people and you will be surprise to know to most of them had it worst than you.

Rise up, dust yourself and match on, the future is still bright and beautiful.