Educate a nation and liberate a nation by Ohagi Elochukwu

Beloved Readers, i came across this post on Facebook. It was published by one of my facebook friends, and i decided to share it here.
Even before the advent of Europeans in Africa, Africa has seen and underwent education. Ancient Egypt has been a very good example of African Education.
Education in the olden days Igbo land has been
in a kind of apprenticeship, a situation where young ones attach themselves to older people to learn farming, art, music or even blacksmithing, depending on the choice of the younger ones or his family as the case maybe. I believe this might also be the case among other neighboring tribes like Yorubas, Ijaws, Tivs etc.
But the coming of the Europeans after the humiliating era of slave trade ushered in another kind of education, an education called Western Education.
In Nigeria, the Yorubas were the first to embrace western education, followed by the Igbos. Awolowo knowing the importance of education, sent most of his people to the west, as to acquire western education. The Igbos on the other hand, individually saw the importance of education and worked towards acquiring it. In Igbo land, it was an individual family thing. The quest to know and be successful were in every Igbo man, and education for them is prerequisite towards becoming successful in life.
Today more than 95% of Igbos that are educated, did that out of there own sweat. Government has no hands in it.
Can we say same about the North? No! Education in the north is very low. Women are the worst hit.
To say that there is a perfect understanding of illiteracy in the north is an understatement.
Illiteracy is a crime committed by the Educated few against the uneducated majority. This is a crime because this few educated people in the north, have purposely decided not to allow this majority see education.
They use Illiteracy to keep the greater majority of the northerners in check.
Am not saying that it's only in the north that you can see illiterates, No ..... Am only implying that it's worst in the north.
The northern elites knew exactly what will happen if they mandate every northern child to school. They know that education will forever liberate this young souls from the prison walls illiteracy has kept them.
The last time I wrote on this, one northerner accused me of not knowing the meaning of the word illiteracy. He argued that almost all the northern kids are good in Arabic, and hence can't be said to be illiterate. A nice argument, but the truth remains that, in this modern Nigeria, an Almajiri, with his recitation of the holy Koran in Arabic, without western education is not just an illiterate, but a stark one at that.
I don't really know why our northern brothers always love to live in denial.
You come on Facebook to defend what you didn't go through with. The elites refuse their sons to become an Almajiri, but will fight tooth and nail to defend and keep it. Keep it for who I ask.
Even this kids they claim that knows Arabic, can't even communicate with it. They can only recite, and what they recite, they don't know the meaning.
To erroneously gain political power, the northern elites must keep the northern majority in perpetual bondage. They need people to obey them ....they need people that they will unleash, like police dogs to kill for them in disguise of religious violence.
They continue to breed their own sons and daughters to continue lording it over the poor uneducated majority. You encourage others to jettison western education, but you have your sons in one of the best expensive schools in America and Europe. Some even put their wards in a Christian schools.
This is the era of social media, information era. Do you know the number of youths who can't assess social network? This people are kept out from the the day to day happenings in the country. Most of them can even hold an ordinary bank account.
Lies has become a way of life in the north. The educated ones keeps on lying to the uneducated ones. The only education they get is to get a voters card.
As to cover this, the north has sit on good policies that would have send Nigeria to the top. In other not to expose there crime.
The north should stop living in denial and start speaking up. The ones that can speak are not courageous enough to do that. I think there are an understanding of lies going on in the north. Lie, provided it will favor the north.
But I want to tell you people that there is no favour in keeping your people in perpetual illiteracy.
Stop keeping them off from western education. It's time to liberate this poor souls.