6 Qualities of Effective leadership

Effective leadership is the most sweetest leadership skill. I believe that attending a high institution or acquiring new leadership skills will open door for a lot of
opportunity. The high institution is a wonderful place to take risks, develop, grow and learn new skills plus open doors for myriads of opportunities.
There are some leadership skills
you may not learn in the school; some can be learnt by attending to conferences, symposium and going for training outside a classroom setting.
At some point in life, we will all take up some leadership opportunity whether at home, at work, or even in our communities. To effectively work as a leader, we really need to reflect upon the following:
Great vision
Leadership begins and ends with vision setting; as an effective leader, you must set the right vision. Your vision must add value to people’s lives. If your vision does not impact positively on others, then it can never be classified as a great vision. Your vision must create a better world; the world is in dire need of great leaders, who would create a positive change.

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Team Building
The sole responsibility of every leader is to have amazing team. It is a proven fact that people will produce more when they feel secure, safe and accepted within the team.
Something like taking your team out for vacations or inviting them over for breakfast can make them to be feeling safe around you. This will generate a friendly vibe among the team. John C. Maxwell says: ‘people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision’

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Effective delegation
As a great leader, it is your ultimate responsibility to discover the strengths, attitudes, and weaknesses of every member of your team.
With this mind, you can easily delegate tasks for them. Delegating duties will bring out the best in every one of them. Delegation makes them to be accountable and brings out the initiatives.
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 People do their best when they have complete ownership of the project they are doing; it will make them to be passionate.

To be continued!