Top 5 Signs he will never Marry you

This is a continuation of my previous article ‘Ladies: 5 signs he will use and dump you’. I have discussed one and two points in the previous post. This new post talks about the 3rd, 4th and 5th reasons.

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He keeps you off from his notable friends, colleagues and organizational members

If a guy is secretive about your relationship,
then something is wrong. By keeping you off, I mean shutting you from his real friends, mentors, notable people around him, whereas the relationship has lasted the test of time. There are chances he doesn’t want to commit for a long-term union.

However, I know you need to give men some time on this, because they want to really get to know you. They want to be sure you can be trusted before introducing you to that flirty Uncle James, or flirty best friend Poly. I hope you are following my point now?  I have no problem with this one.

But everything is wrong if the relationship has lasted for more than a year- both of you are sampling places, yet he doesn’t want to show you to the right people in his life. Some gullible men will even put a ring on your finger, and leave the ring there for ages; the ring will stay there for another five years, yet he doesn’t want to commit.

I recently had a case of a lady who has worn a ring for six good years, without any formal introduction. While they were busy sleeping around, the guy was not really interested in introducing her to the people that matter in his life.

 The guy is also busy catching fun with other ladies he met both on real life and on the social media. He is doing a good job, so money was not the problem. What then is the problem? He doesn’t really want to commit.

 You are busy doing abortions for him or you want it raw, yet he is not thinking in the same direction. There is no point wasting time on this person, look for the exit door. There is no point trying to keep a relationship that is not working. Stop watering a dead flower, it can never grow.

The only exception to this rule, are few men that wants to commit, yet they don’t have the financial wherewithal to undergo marriage plans. You can still be with him if he has introduced you to the people that matter in his life, and it is obvious he is not cheating on you.

He frequently disappears or does his things without even bordering to carry you along.
Yea, some men are like that. And that could be one of the signs he doesn’t want to commit to a long term union. Something is wrong if he is the type that will leave you for weeks, or days and travel to a distant place or even engages with his personal businesses, yet he doesn’t think it is necessary to inform you and doesn’t give you any reasonable explanation upon his return. He is just interested in sleeping with you, and dumps you afterwards. He calls you only when he needs your services in bed.

 It is obvious, he doesn’t want you. He is not proud of you, and he feels you don’t deserve any explanation. Wasting your precious time with such a guy will have surprising emotional outcomes or traumatic experiences. Get a life by leaving him for someone that will appreciate you. 

He is not proud of you & doesn’t discuss strong issues with you

When a guy is not proud of you, you should notice it by his actions:
·        He might be sleeping around with other ladies
·        He doesn’t listen to your advice; sometimes he will just hear what you are saying, but will never pay attention to it.
·        He sends you ‘hey bae often’ than ‘hello baby’ kind of texts
·        He is anxious to sleep with your friends
·        He doesn’t tell you stories about how his honeymoon would be
·        He shuts you off from discussing future plans
·        He beats you at every slightest provocation- the list is endless

If you are experiencing all these signs, and yet you are unable to read the handwriting on the wall. I am really sorry to  say this, but he is likely going to use and dump you.

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