Should I settle for Mr Good enough if Mr Right is not available? ( Part 2)

In the process of searching for Mr Right, most ladies have passed the man who could have been a better husband or who was the ideal guy.  This happens especially if you have so many of them coming at once.

 If you are not careful, you may screen out the right guy and you may end up losing him, and of course may discover this later in life. If you are too carnal and insensitive, you may not spot him when you come across him, because your emotional antenna is blindfolded.

Now instead of remaining childless or lonely in life, you will just tie yourself with anyone that has some enviable qualities and start a family life with him. Sometimes you may even trap him with pregnancy (though, some will still not marry you after delivery), I have plenty of such cases too.

My own humble submission is to wait for that man who makes your heart glow; the man of your dream, your heart beat increases every second when you are in his presence.

He doesn’t need to be perfect, because there is no perfect human being even you, but he must possess some wonderful qualities and he must have an intense sexual attraction whenever you see him.

He must not be perfect; instead you should complement his perfection. This is Mr Right you must never miss. 

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh