Should I settle for Mr Good enough if Mr Right is not available? ( part 1)

There is always the temptation for most ladies to settle for someone they are not sure of being the right man for them.

 This happens mostly if the man is so cute, caring
and so good. You may have been dating the guy for some months now, but you are confused if he is the right one for you.

Although he may be so caring, buy things for you, satisfies you in bed, and do everything that a normal guy can do for you. But deep within you, you know that he might not be the missing rib- the sexual chemistry is not there. You are trying to love him like Mr Right but you are discovering that it is really impossible. I have dealt with so many issues like this.  The truth is that you are made whole and complete when you marry Mr Right.

There are examples of many girls who have settled with Mr Good enough, at the end of the day it turns out that the choices they made were really good- the guy turned out to be the Mr Right or the guy discovered that he was not really Mr Right, but worked hard like Mr Right.

Many chose the person because he is the best they have seen after many years of searching and praying for the right man to surface. Many had been victims of failed marital promises.

If this is your case, you may be asking whether to settle for someone who isn’t Mr Right, but have good attributes.
 Someone asked me the other day, I have been searching for Mr Right for years now, and do I settle for Mr Good enough since Mr Right has refused to surface? Of course, the answer can be ‘Yes or No’ depending on the situation. Don’t panic at the answer, I will try to explain.

Whether to settle for Mr Good enough when time is no longer on your side is a situation that is begging for an answer. I have met so many girls between the ages of 35-40, who are saying I just wish to settle down to any serious man. I don’t care if he is Mr Right or not.

There are two ways one can look at this issue. Of course, I will look at these issues critically and at the end give my own submission.

In the first place, committing your entire life to someone you are not sure is the right person for you might have dangerous consequences at the long run, especially if you discover he doesn’t fit into the scale of man you have always wanted to be with all the rest of your life.

Sometimes, some people will commit themselves into a relationship, and all of a sudden Mr Right will just surface from the blues. You will feel the deep chemistry for him, but you are already belonging to another person.

 Most gullible people would never remain faithful to the person they belonged to, instead they would either break up their union, or flirt with Mr Right or even would start sleeping around just to fill the gap of marrying the wrong one. I am currently handling 10 of such cases right now.

Giving your life whole and entire to someone you don’t really feel something for is such a difficult issue. In fact, it is an illusion.  If he loves you with all his heart and mind, sacrifices all he has for your sake and yet all his efforts are not genuinely appreciated. It would end up having a dangerous result.

The worst would happen if he discovers that your love for him is just lukewarm and shallow rooted- this will leave both of you feeling empty inside.

Secondly, if you have waited patiently for the right guy, and he never came. What will be going through your mind after meeting so many guys is to choose the one that has some attributes you wish to see in your man and settle with him.