Must Read! Should Men & Women play hard to get?

Playing hard to get can really work wonders; ladies often use it to build a wall of attraction around them.

Masters in this game employs
the principle of scarcity to make them seem more difficult to obtain, rarer, attractive and of course more valuable as a partner.

Playing hard to get is a game and only the most intelligent plays it well. You will appear too cheap and unreal if you are unintelligent. Playing hard to get will work if it is done at the right timing.

It doesn’t work all the time; it can backfire if it is used at the wrong time or in the wrong way. However, you will appear less likeable if you do it too often or too early.

I have actually taken time to research on this topic, and I have discovered that a good number of men like women who are very responsive and friendly at a first meeting. While most ladies prefer to date a guy who was unwilling to commit to a relationship at the early stage.