Ladies: 5 Signs he will use & dump you

I have come across so many ladies, who are endlessly looking for signs that are very visible in front of them. Signs that will answer the age-long question, ‘will he ever marry me? Will he ask my hand in marriage?

In this short article, I will share some signs most guys show when they don’t want to marry you. I have met so many men within these age brackets, and about 97% of them agreed with me on these 5 points listed below:

He will tell you he doesn’t want to commit to a relationship

Some women hear all these from the men, yet they keep living in the fool’s paradise, thinking that he will change. Some faster ones will now trap him with pregnancy.

Most times, when you trap him with a pregnancy, he may take responsibility of the child, or even pay your bride price, yet he won’t marry you. I have many concrete examples on this, and sometimes I tell it to people on conferences.

When a man says he doesn’t want a relationship now, he is simply saying ‘sorry, I can’t date you’ or ‘sorry, you are not mine or you can’t be mine’. In this case, buying some gifts will never change him.

If he tells you that he is not ready to commit, just move on and stop crying. Consider yourself fortunate, that you met someone who is giving you reasons why you are not the one.

If he is meant for you or if he was blindfolded, he will get back to you as soon as the scales are out from his eyes. Until then, keep moving and living happily. Believe me; thousands of people out there might be dying to date you.

He is quickly attracted to sex than getting to know you

I am happy some sensitive ladies are able to spot this more easily and quickly. When a guy spend more time and energy in having sex with you than getting to know your likes, dislikes, aspirations in life and future.

A man that wants to commit for marriage will never be thirsting for sex only and get bored or shows total disinterestedness on stories about your life. A future husband will be very much interested in getting to know you, more passionate about your average daily activities than you can ever imagine.

A real man will never get mad with sex; because he knows when the time is ripe, he will enjoy it while it last with the wife or wife-to-be.

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