How to deal with the feelings you have for your Ex

I have discovered that many people are extremely finding it difficult to overcome the deep-rooted feelings they have for their ex. Some people can’t even bear or imagine that their ex is currently dating someone else
Now I have good news for you today. I know this may not sound wonderful in your eyes, but the truth has to be told. He / she is your ex- they belong to your past. You may not wind the hand of clock.
You need courage to accept the things you cannot change in your life. Overcoming the thought of your ex lover is one of those things you can’t really do anything about.
 I am not talking about why you guys separated; you may have separated out of their inexperience of love or due to irreconcilable differences.
He / she was a part of you. Yes, that is simply the truth, but you have to get over it. If you don’t do so, then thinking about them will likely torment you.
The following 3 tips will help you
Live a happy life- this is the first step to overcome the feelings, especially if your love was betrayed and rejected or was taken for granted. Definitely, you may be sad as a human being, but you need to live above it. You don’t need to run to the social media and start to rant or tell every dick and Harry about what you have passed through.
I am very optimistic that some will offer you useful advice on how to overcome this depression; also I know that majority of people may likely turn you into a laughing stock. However, reading some motivational books, emotional related articles might help.
Also, don’t neglect the power of prayer. It is possible that you may have the strong feelings of love for him / her. But do you know that he/ she may not be the right one for you. In this case, he / she need to go out of your life so that the right person will come.
Blocking him / her on social media is a signal that you are simply immature. By so doing, you may be provoking the opposite; motivating them to hate you or look for ways to cut their own pound of flesh.
Be busy and occupy yourself with important discussions on social media. Don’t allow depression to set in.
 Hit the gym, hang out with good friends, be social and communicate with good people. If per chance you run across your ex, act casual, and treat them like a normal good friend of yours, without any string attached.
Don’t talk about the past
Let me tell the truth, the past is gone and gone forever. No reasonable person live in the past. If you continue to live with the past, then you will likely going to frustrate your presence and then hinder your future successes.
By relying on the past, you are simply awaking an emotion you want dead. Also, it is not good to spend more time with them especially behind closed doors, especially if your ex now belongs to someone else. There is no point acting as if you still remember or care about their likes or dislikes.
Dress Well
You need to look good; this doesn’t mean you should over-dress. If you come across them, and they complement you, simply acknowledge it with ‘Thanks’ and continue your movement.
No point calling them to know how they are doing or calling their friends or relatives especially if the ex abandoned you and married someone else.
By excessively calling them, their partner might get jealous and may even look for a way to harm you. Your cute and simple dressing and lively mood will attract the right person. Do not run rush into a new relationship, just because you came out of an unsuccessful one few days ago.
By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh