How to Cope at a New Job (Part 2)

 Don’t forget you are new
On your first day of work, or on your first week, I understand that you will need to impress people, but don’t work too hard to impress; don’t over-impress them.
Don’t ever try to do as if you know
everything or you are capable of doing everything. If you try to outshine your superiors, you may accomplish the opposite- envy, jealousy, and hatred. Some will look for avenues to get at you right from the first day. As a new employee, you are at the learning process; you need to gain some knowledge that will help you to dazzle your superiors later.
Ask questions
Wise people ask questions. If you don’t ask questions, you will likely going to make foolish mistakes. Don’t think you are too smart to ask questions from your employers and co-workers.
No body is a monopoly of wisdom including you. As time advances, your questions will make your job easier. Feel free to ask any questions that come across your mind.
Turn off your mobile devices

You can either put your phone on silence or turn off completely. In some establishments, workers are not allowed to answer their calls all through the working hours. It is rude for your phone to ring during business meetings, briefing or speaking to someone.

I prefer putting it on silence. Even if people are putting on their phones during work hours, don’t emulate them. Be unique, focus on what you came for instead of always perusing your phone or answering calls.

Your first day at work is usually the easiest and most memorable day. All you need right away is to brace up, wear a friendly smile, dress moderate and of course leave with a smile. Once you do all these things, everything will fall in place.

Have an amazing work experience!