8 Male Behaviours That Annoy Women so much...

Some men don’t know that there are some behavior that will easily put their partner or lover off. Happiness in the relationship takes two people to build it up; relationship will suffer if the positive response is coming from one angle.
Below are 8 behaviours I wish you don’t do,
because once you do them. You will end up annoying her so much:

Some guys are possessive to a fault; they don’t even think a woman deserve some respect. They think every woman is an object, and they try to control her every actions, attitude, words- while in reality they have no right over such issues.

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Before she accepts someone’s friend request or exchange pleasantries with your neighbours, friends and relatives, she must come and obtain permission from you.
 I have no problem if you are trying to safeguard her from external invaders and intruders, but everything is wrong if you are trying to be overtly possessive. Too bad and childish!
Girls flee from guys that don’t take proper care of themselves; guys that lack good hygiene or that doesn’t pay attention to modern fashion. It can really be annoying to have such guy in your life.
Girls are very sentimental- they tend to express their feelings more than men. Most times when you break up with a girl, she feels the pain more, simply because they are weaker sex.

 Please, don’t toil or feel insensitive their emotions. If you forget some important events in her life, like her birthday, she will feel disregarded and rejected. You shouldn’t forget such days for any reason.
Women feel highly uncomfortable with men that complain about everything. Such men are rude, arrogant, negative, selfish, not fun, never satisfied and of course always isolate themselves. 
Sometimes, when you try to make them feel positive, they won’t respond. These men always criticize every action you take, nothing makes them happy.
Women abhor men that don’t keep to their promises; such men value their personal interests and desires beyond their wife and family. They don’t keep to their words. I always advise women to flee from such men, they can kill.
Procrastination is a mark of laziness and shows lack of concentration; there are men who can postpone things very easily. Women don’t find it funny dating such guys.
Such guys will date a girl for five to six years and still counting, and yet they are not ready to commit to a serious relationship. If you are good to them, they will be looking for the right one.
 Women generally don’t like mingling with self-centred guys. Often, these are vain men who always think that everything revolves around them. They want to be the centre of excellence.

They think that their wife and kids are there to serve only but him. They feel they are always right, and don’t accept criticisms. When you exhibit such characters, the woman will feel unhappy, rejected, and humiliated.
This seems to be number one reason women complain about their guys. No woman wants to date or marry a flirt. This attitude is highly humiliating, irritating and gives the woman sleepless nights.