6 Ways to handle rejection in a relationship (Part 2)


Handle your problems- you can be rejected due to your personal ills or weaknesses. So, it may not totally be the other person’s fault. If this is the case, consult a psychologist or relationship therapist, who will teach you how to come out of your problems
and be a better person.
·        Don’t hate the opposite sex- some people erroneously make the mistake of hating the opposite sex simply because they were rejected. Love everybody that come across you, embrace them with open arms. Socialize and live happily. If you start hating the opposite sex, you might be so myopic that you will fail to meet the right person when you eventually meet him or her; that is the danger. And don’t think that every person will behave like the person that rejected you.

For instance, if you are a woman who was rejected, and you now hate men, thinking that all men are wicked, and you are proud saying it, why would people spend their time dating you. Real men will avoid you, thinking you are very wicked.

On the other hand, if you think that all great guys have all being taken. And that you can’t get a better one, that is still a fallacious assumption and illusion. By doing this, you are limiting your chances of getting a better person, and spewing negativity in your dating world.

Feeling rejected can also make you to cast aspersions on cute couples; never you hate anyone. Don’t ever think you will meet the right one, when you keep on exhibiting your hatred for the opposite sex.
·        Let Go- naturally, success comes to those that have the ability to let go. Make it a point of duty to let go of all hurt, anger and resentment you may have experienced in your previous relationships. If you are filled with anger and hatred, don’t forget that people will notice it easily and will definitely use it against you.

Cultivate the habit of letting go, all those people that came into your life and has already taking the exit door. If you discover that they have actually gone with their whole heart and mind, there is no point calling, texting or sending them gifts. Just say goodbye to them, delete them in your memory. You have being set free by their rejection, and hopefully you will get the right person soonest.

The emphasis here is to move on, cultivating negative emotions and anger will diminish you; it will poison your mind and of course make it extremely difficult to find the right person.
·        Don’t take this rejection too personal- for some strong obvious reasons, you weren’t good for them; maybe they feel you are old fashioned, terribly flawed, or due to your family background, or you were too ugly, beautiful, happy, type A or B, too organized, too forward, self-centred, not good enough, positive or even both of you didn’t have the same sexual chemistry.

 We are not debating it; the fact is that you weren’t right or fit for them. You don’t need to fight for it, or get angry. If you weren’t fit for someone, don’t give up, there is someone out there who could be your favourite.