6 Ways to handle rejection in a relationship (Part 1)

Do you know you can handle rejection in a relationship or in a marital life as if it never happened? It is a waste of your precious time to look morose or upset after rejection. If you have passed through rejection, you
will understand that it is a dangerous thing that you won’t even wish for your enemy. Overcoming rejection without any therapeutic or emotional help means that you have strong emotional shock absolver.

Have you been rejected by someone before? Rejection can metamorphosed from being very painful to absolute nothingness. However, this depends on your disposition or how emotionally stable you are at the time.

If you are suffering from rejection, I am absolutely sorry about it. All you need to do now is just to get over the pain and see the other wonderful side of life. I have outlined unique ways you can overcome rejection like an expert:

·        Be thankful he/ she is gone- yes, there are so many reasons to be thankful. For the fact that you love him or her doesn’t mean you can’t get a better person tomorrow. Don’t give up on dating. Be thankful that your ex or the person you had wanted to date is gone for good, and both of you were not meant to be.

Please, don’t be consumed with self-pity. There are a lot of worthy and beautiful people out there, who are willing to date you. This is why you should be grateful that the wrong person in your life has gone. If you were rejected newly, it will look as if disaster has befallen you, but once you get over it, you will discover that a real blessing has happened to you.

·        He/ she don’t want you in their lives- do you know that regret is more painful than rejection? If someone rejects you, you should be happy that they have simply told you on time that it won’t work. For me, this is more honourable than allowing you to come into their lives and then toil with your emotions or keep you at arm’s- length. Rejection will hurt temporarily, but the pain will go after some time.