4 daily habits of a great Boss

It is very easy to be a boss, but it is not really easy to be a great boss. A great boss is an effective leader.
A great boss is original and consistent.
Consistency deals with standing firm in what you practice. In this case, what you practice must be noble.
Below are daily habits of many great bosses I have come across. If you want to be a great boss, try as much as possible to follow these path:
Great bosses take proper care of themselves every Morning
One of the qualities of great bosses is that they have an exciting morning routine. Doing these things set the pace for their daily activities and puts them in the right frame of mind. If you start your day with the right frame of mind, believe me you will achieve more than you can ever imagine.
 Some of these bosses write, some meditate, some say their morning prayers (of course, you can’t do without God), some engage themselves with one or two physical exercises. If you want to start your day like a fresh person, then do any of these things. Ensure you wipe out the worries and anxieties of previous day.
Great Bosses take breakfast
Great bosses understand the importance of taking breakfast; having a good breakfast makes you to be in active motion. Some great leaders I Know may not take any other thing all through their working hours during the day, because they took their breakfast.
Breakfast is like putting fuel in your automobile, it keeps you running all through the day without issues. Some busy managers don’t have any other time for themselves during work hours.

Even if you don’t have any time for massive meal in the morning, make sure you grab at least fruits or vegetable before rushing out the door. This will surely make a great difference. Do you know that this might even sustain you till night?
Great bosses understands the importance of team building
Unfortunately, most bosses see themselves as demi-gods, but this is not the case with great bosses. Great bosses sync with their team daily, because they know that this activity boosts productivity. So, they are in close contact with their team.
Great bosses know that the success of their team depends on how well they connect with each other. If you motivate your team each day, honestly, they will be working hard to do a great job.
As a great boss, it is your obligation to understand your team very well, know their strengths and motivate them to keep on keeping on, know their weaknesses and inspire them to overcome their flaws.
 If your team is properly inspired, they will develop the ability to work effectively with little or no supervision.  If your team is able to do greater work even in your absence, then you are simply a great leader.

Great bosses network and ask questions
You are finished the moment you think you can no longer ask people questions. No man, they say is an island, and nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. In entrepreneurial issues, no man has answer to all questions.

A great boss must have the capacity to retrace some steps and ask questions from like-minds and teams. Ask them to suggest ways you can be a better boss. A great boss is inspired by his team successes, learns from his mistakes, never repeats them, and understands the tragedy of illiteracy.  
  By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh