Top 7 tips to win your consumers with enhanced Designs

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

It is no longer secret that we are living in an interesting age; the age of online brand awareness, the age of information technology and social media way of marketing.

21st century has been classified as the most literate age, and the age of intellectual engagements, and business success- all these are possible due to the flourishing technological revolutions.
In fact, some online entrepreneurs believe that the way you present your products online determines the type of traffic you will have.
Your online presence is what occupies people’s minds when you are unavailable. Most customers are technologically savvy and rely heavily on company’s online visibility.
In order to survive this competitive age, your brand must be authentic, relatable, and highly recognizable. These are the qualities that will make it to stand out and remain ahead of your competitors.
In this short article, I am going to teach you the secret of making it big in your business. How you can win lots of customers to your advantage.
Below are seven key tips that will effectively win thousands of customers and as well give you online brand awareness:
1.     Make the Submit / send buttons appealing. Your submit and send buttons must be enticing to your customers. If it is unattractive, people won’t click on them. Make it really good, so that when visitors hover on your site, it should change colour, opacity, and gradient or font treatment.
2.     Test your design. Ensure you do website optimisation- this will surely be a big plus to your organisation. Improve your design with simple analytics.
3.     Keep branding- try to understand what your business is all about, and then work towards actualising the dream. If possible, be displaying your brand strategy all through the internet. Use different channels at your disposal to reach the target audience. For instance, a business may use any of the following platforms: blogs, several social media networks, website, document sharing sites and lots more.
4.     Optimize your website- creating and maintaining your website is one thing, optimizing it is another thing. Ensure your website is highly optimized so that it can be visible to the search engines. If you really want to drive lots of traffic to your site, then try your best to improve your brand’s visibility.
5.      Social media- this is one of the cost effective and most marketing strategy to promote your big and small businesses and corporations. People love using the social media, because it promotes brand loyalty, visibility, recognition and can also generate sales to your business. Social media allows businesses to reach the target audience within the shortest possible time.
6.     Create a high quality content-producing and distributing exciting contents remains one of the easiest ways to gain online visibility. This is one of the formidable ways of creating brand online and promoting your businesses. Make your writing to be simple, easy to understand and make the titles short and enticing.

Lack of quality contents can distract people from visiting your site. So try as much as possible to create an amazing contents. Hire smart writers who will be creating these beautiful contents.

7.     Press release marketing- this is also one of the inexpensive and very effective ways of giving your business an online recognition and brand visibility. Your company will receive unimaginable traffic if the press release is picked by Google News. It will be a great thing if you are able to do all these with your blog.
If you follow these simple rules, then you will experience lots of business success!