Top 10 qualities of a great husband ( part 2)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

1.     He is real and loyal
He may love to look at good looking women, even girls does same sometimes. But deep down them, they know that there is only one woman
that owns their heart.

That woman is the one most beautiful and most cherished any time any day. You are that woman.

2.     He knows that he can err
Alexander Pope once said that to err is human, while to forgive is divine. He is a great husband, if he understands truly that he can make a mistake. He doesn’t believe that he can’t err. If he errs, he admits to his mistakes and quietly corrects himself. He doesn’t feel like a super-human.

3.     He cares for you

He calls occasionally and cares for you. He is always sure of your safety. In the morning, he would always ask how your night was, when you are back from work, he would ask you how was your day.  He tries everything possible to protect you. One of his biggest priorities is to ensure he takes care of you both physically and emotionally.

4.     He understands you

He understands you properly. He knows what makes you happy and what makes you angry and he try his best to do only the things that will never make you angry. He values you and what you stand for in life.

5.      He sees you equal to himself

He is a great guy. He doesn’t feel he is greater than you. He acknowledges your talents, strengths and weaknesses. He doesn’t believe he has better qualities than you. He knows you are capable of achieving great things, and ensures you do same. He is very proud to call you his baby, his honey pie, his darling woman, his woman and lots more.