Top 10 qualities of a great husband ( part 1)

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

Marriage is a very sweet, often challenging and a heroic experience one can have. I can say this because I have been a husband for quite some time now
. Every girl wants to marry to the perfect guy she sees or visualise in the utopian world.
Your man can be a perfect man, if you can really make him perfect. To do this, both partners must as a matter of necessity put in efforts, hard work, and resilience for the relationship to work.
Below are top 10 signs you are living with a great husband:
1.     He communicates clearly and effectively with you

He is the type of person that values the importance of communication. He doesn’t take it for granted. He talks to you in a lighter way, listens to the stories from your heart. Does things worth writing about, and say things worth remembering.

He knows the right time to talk and when to keep quiet. He is never tired of appreciating and saying how he loves you and your people. He can talk you about his likes and dislikes, his favourite shows and lots more.

2.     He values the time spent with you
    He is fond of you, and loves to spend her time and talents with you. No matter how busy he is or what he does, as long as he gets a free time, he wouldn’t mind spending it with you.
He values you as a great companion, and treasures every time spent with you. Irrespective of what he is doing, as long as he is with you, he would be exceedingly happy.
3.     He has a sense of humour
In my over ten years of relationship counselling, I have discovered that most ladies prefer to marry a man with a sense of humour. To such men, there are no dull moments; they will always be seen laughing and smiling all the time.
Even in hard times, or when you are facing a challenge, he would do something that elicit laughter or do some funniest facial expression- all these are geared towards making you happy. He is happy whenever he sees you happy.
4.     He stands by You
He is supportive, stands by you both in times of sorrows and in times of great joy. He is always there for you. He supports your dreams and aspirations and believes in you more than you can ever think.

Even if you are losing hope, knowing that he is ever there with you would make you strong and truly happy.

5.     He is a great teacher

He is ever willing to teach you whatever he has learnt in life. He doesn’t stop at that. He is also ever willing to learn from you, because he understands that no man has a monopoly of knowledge.

To be continued!