Symptoms Friends face during breakup

By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

I have talked about why best friends or married couples breakup. I gave five sound reasons. I will still add more reasons
to the ones already given with time.

No matter the reasons for the breakups or divorce. Victims face one or two of the following symptoms:
·        Depression
·        Feeling of guilt
·        Loss of appetite
·        Loss of weight
·        Hatred for the ex
·        Jealousy over the ex
·        Lack of trust for others
·        Insomnia
·        Poor concentration to work and domestic activities
·        Not believing that a good relationship can exist
·         Often inferiority complex or lack of self-esteem.
I will still talk about how you can deal with these fears later. Until then, keep in mind that there is no cause for alarm.

 If your relationship with Mr. X did not work today, don’t give up, your relationship with Mr. Y may work even better tomorrow.

 All you need to do is to follow the right principles, and you will be fine and hit back to a more engaging and flourishing relationship. If you are passing through a staggering relationship now. Don’t give up. You will be fine soon. I will show you the way soonest.