Rest in Peace to my departed Friend Jerome Chiedozie Onoh

Dear Chiedozie,
You were laid to rest today in your father’s compound amidst tears from family, friends and thousands of sympathizers.
Today’s event will remember evergreen as long as memory last. We have never had it like this before, probably because you have not died before. We asked so many questions to God, but none seems to be answered.
Your death was so painful to us. It was too painful to me in particular that I couldn’t stand to see your grave after you were committed to mother earth.
I was perplexed, but seeing people’s testimonies of your amazing lifestyle and how you touched their lives in many positive ways within this short, but eventful 20 years, I have no option than to say to God be the Glory.
God knows the best, we can never question Him. His decision is final. Your death has taught me to be more loving, to make great impact in people’s lives, never to bear grudges to anyone, to repay evil with good.
Even though I was your mentee, but I learnt so many good things from you. You were above ever cheerful and a holy guy; you loved God, and things of God to the extent that many people never believed that you would never become a catholic priest.
You gave your time, talent and little available resources at your disposal in pursuing things of God. Surely, your death has taught a great lesson to us.
 I taught it was a fairy tale, even when your sister and brother called me to inform me of it, until I came today and watched you lying in state speechless- I called you several times, but no response. It is well.

Maybe, God has seen how good you were and know that leaving you future will never won’t be necessary, so He decided to take you to be with Him in Paradise. This is my consolation, that is my faith now.
If tears could bring you back, that would have been possible today. For the first time in my life, I saw over one thousand people both the high and mighty crying uncontrollably over your death. I have learnt that tears are not enough.
God’s ways are not our ways, neither His thoughts are ours. His intention for us is always for Good. He certainly knows what is good for you, and He has given it to you.
 God does not cry at the death of good person; He is happy whenever a great person dies, because a saint is coming back to Him. Based on this, we are equally happy you are returning to your creator. You were too good to be human. God broke our hearts to teach us He wants the best from us.
Your memory will always last till the longest day. We have accepted the will of God. Rest in Peace dearest friend, brother and mentee.
 Dearest God Almighty, our hearts are still very heavy despite our belief in the resurrection of the dead. We are pained because we are humans. We know he is safe in your Hands. You didn’t lose him by sending him to us 20 years ago, and now you are not losing him by returning him back to yourself.
Although, we his friends and family loved him, we know you love him most. Please give us the strength and understanding to bear his painful exit from us. We know that to believers, life has no end; instead it is only changed (Vita Mutatur non tollitur).

Dear Lord, Your desire is to pardon us and save us from our sinful states; we are asking for your clemency on our departed hero; Jerome Chiedozie Onoh, your son who have departed this world.
Grant that through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, and the saints he may obtain complete remissions of all his sins and grant him a share in your beautiful and ultimate Kingdom.
Earnestly grant him the pardon he has always desired from you, you who live and reign forever and ever, Amen
Adieu Edoo!
Adieu Pitakwaboi!!
Till we meet to part no more.

I remain your humble friend and brother; Ethelbert Obinna Umeh.